Writing a Letter of Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Every employee wants to be recognized for a job well done. While acknowledgements of an employee’s contributions should be offered regularly, once in a while a letter of appreciation for a job well done may be the right way to go. This can be used to recognize an exceptional performance on a project or simply to note long-term dedication and loyalty.

Reasons for Writing a Letter of Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Commissions, bonuses, and other incentives are all well and good, but letters of appreciation personalize accomplishments. Letting an employee know they’re doing great is not only polite, it’s a way to build on relationships, motivate employees to continue excelling, and show a high level of leadership. The letter lets staff know that management is paying attention to their efforts.

Writing a Letter of Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Ideally, the letter should get out quickly, no more than two days after the accomplishment you are thanking the employee for.

While there are certainly many modes of communication these days, long-time etiquette source the Emily Post Institute says that a handwritten or typed letter is still the best way to send appreciation letters. Emily Post does add a caveat: email is acceptable if (a) that is how you normally communicate and (b) the letter has to get out quickly. Otherwise, the experts in the business say that a well-formatted, neatly printed, high-quality sheet of paper will always look better than an email.

While being sincere, polite, and enthusiastic, the letter should be composed with all the tenets of business etiquette in mind. The salutation should be formal unless you’re on a first name basis with the recipient. Open with a statement about the event or project in question. If this is a general notice of long term work, let the employee know how well they’ve been doing. Provide specifics to show you’re paying attention. Note the traits that you believe contributed to the success. Close out with a final appreciation of their efforts and mention how you look forward to future collaborations and successes. As an extra boost, note at the bottom of the appreciation letter for a job well done that you’re CC-ing HR and other interested parties.

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