Writing a Waiter or Server Cover Letter

If you want a good job in the hospitality sector using your food service experiences, you need to write an exceptional waiter or server cover letter. Restaurant, bar, and hotel managers use cover letters to screen candidates. Without a good cover letter, they are less likely to carefully review your resume and schedule the coveted interview.

If you want those all-important next steps in the job seeking process, your waiter and server cover letter has to incorporate elements that illuminate your background and experiences, putting you head over heels above the competition. Get started with these tips.

Format for Writing a Waiter and Server Cover Letter

The cover letter should be concise and direct. Date, recipient and recipient’s address, salutation, no more than three or four paragraphs, and a signature.

Make sure you open strong, introducing yourself and stating your interest in the available position. Place prominent information about your history that makes you the best candidate up front. You provided excellent customer service for five years at a highly respected hotel restaurant, traded hosting responsibilities with the team leader, or worked the busiest shifts at a popular pub. If you want to catch a restaurant manager’s attention right away, give them something impressive to read right away.

The next one or two paragraphs should highlight what you know about the business. Working busy lunch and dinner rushes, dealing with a broad range of clientele, teaming with kitchen and cleaning staff to adhere to standards of cleanliness and safety, or any other matter that illustrates your hospitality experiences. At some point in the cover letter, explain your proficiency in point-of-sale software (see below). Give your availability, but mention you are flexible about shifts and hours, giving the manager plenty of room to see you on one of their shifts.

Close out with one more push for the position, requesting an interview so that you can learn more, and to show why you’re the candidate they want.

Accent Your Point-of-Sale Experience

Most retail establishments are using point-of-sale software for the generation of accurate customer billing. If you want to know how to write a waiter and server cover letter, that includes knowing to include familiarity with point-of-sale software systems.

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