Writing the Full Time to Part Time Resignation Letter (with Sample)

Whether it’s for reasons of health or because you’ve decided to take courses to further your education, there may come a time when you decide to lighten your workload, going from full time employee to part time. To make sure the transition is a smooth one, it’s a good idea to write a full time to part time resignation letter.

Your First Steps

Before word is put to paper or spoken, be sure this is what you need to do. Cutting your income significantly, regardless of the reason, will have a dynamic impact on your lifestyle. If it’s a medical reason, get a second opinion. If your goal is to get a degree, sign up for your classes. You do not want to start making announcements and either change your mind or find you were mistaken about your situation.

Speak with whomever is responsible for the switch. Start with a supervisor and work from there. A full time to part time transition is not like quitting. Under some circumstances, the company may have to approve the change in hours. This is why you want to make sure you have all your eggs in a row before you write a full time to part time resignation letter.

Content of the Full Time to Part Time Resignation Letter

Open the letter with a polite statement of the facts: This letter is to confirm my transition from full time to part time employee here at [COMPANY]. I discussed this matter with my direct supervisor and she fully supports my plan to take on extra coursework so that I can get my degree a year sooner than originally planned.

Express your appreciation for the company’s support in the full time to part time resignation letter. Give them a date when you need to start. Let the company know you are prepared to help with the transition, whether that’s retraining or mentoring whoever picks up the workload. Thank them for their assistance, support, and flexibility, provide contact information, and remind them in a friendly manner, when you have a degree or get better, you’ll be ready to bring more to the company’s operations. Stressing the goal to become a better employee will go a long way.

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