Free Entry Level Logistics Coordinator Resume Template

When deciding who to bring in for an interview, hiring managers base their decision almost entirely on the resume. This is why it is so important to create a strong one that will stand out and get their attention. It can be more difficult to write a resume when you have minimal experience, but it is only all the more important for your entry level resume to be excellent. Take a look at the following entry level logistics coordinator resume template and writing guide to get an idea of the best way to approach this challenge.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Logistics Coordinator Resume

When writing an entry level logistics coordinator resume, it is in your best interest to include the sections that are part of the standard resume format. These sections are: summary, skill highlight, work experience, and education. You may not have much to include in your experience section, but you should make an effort to include good information as this is a very important section. Think about any internships you have had or unrelated jobs that may have fostered an attribute that will be helpful in the new position. Any working experience at all is helpful so employers do not think they are hiring you for your first job ever. Ultimately, you should not worry too much, as it is expected that entry level resumes are going to be a little lighter.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing a Resume That Is Too Short: Even though you are writing an entry level resume, you should try your best to fill one page. It may be especially impressive if many other candidates are not able to. Keep in mind that creating a resume that is too long can be even more harmful. The best length is about one page.
  • Writing Passively: This is a huge mistake that significantly decreases the effectiveness of your resume. You should always be focusing on what you can do and what you have done. It is good practice to begin each bullet point in your experience section with a strong action verb.
  • Not Following the Standard Resume Format: Especially with entry level resumes, it is anticipated that you include the expected sections. The standard format has been developed to help applicants write and employers get the information quickly and easily. Some hiring managers may not read resumes that divert.
  • Exaggerating: Do not stretch the truth at all. In addition to being dishonest, you are actually hurting your chances. Because they read resumes so much, hiring managers have gotten good at spotting exaggerations. Do not worry about your entry level resume not being impressive enough.
  • Not Proofreading: Always take the extra time to review your resume and make sure everything is as it should be. No typographical errors should make it into the final version. Be on the lookout for ways your resume can be made more effective.

Resume Content
John Baker
4561 Harbor Ave., Bakersfield, CA 11111
Self-motivated and result-driven logistics student seeking opportunity to develop coordination and management skills. Holds extensive experience working on a team cooperatively. Ready to apply experience in communication and service.
Team player
Attention to detail
Talented multitasker
Developed communication skills
Logistics Intern
8/1/2015 ? 5/1/2016
Outline Distribution ? Completed rudimentary forms for scheduling, deliveries, and shipments
Organized and secured luggage
Received and sent goods in warehouse
Prepared analytical reports
Assisted senior logistical technicians

6/1/2012 ? 5/1/2015
Gerald’s ? Interacted with guests and ensured satisfaction
Scheduled minor shifts
Ensured correct shipments
Received and packed shipments
Handled money accurately and responsibly

Bakersfield High School – High School Diploma, 2015 (GPA: 3.9)
Bakersfield, CA