Free Creative Legal Internship Resume Template

While many law firms, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and other groups have a reputation for doing things the old-fashioned way, quite a few are forward thinking and cutting edge. If you are applying for a legal internship with such a modern and creative employer, you need a resume that emphasizes your creativity and ability to look forward. To get started with thinking this way, you can review a few resume templates. Below, we have a sample free creative legal internship resume for you to check out. After that, we have listed several tips to help you develop a resume to showcase your creativity.

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What to Include in a Creative Legal Internship Resume

Accomplishments count for a lot when you write a creative legal internship resume. Prioritize projects you have proposed or led, and if you do not have much legal experience, do not be afraid to focus on transferable skills from other types of work or school experience. Write in positive language that showcases your creative slant, and take advantage of bullet points for easier reading. Try not to force anything; allow your skills, experience and education sections to come together to guide your content.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Mentioning Bar Admission Status: Explain where you are in regards to the bar; for example, mention whether you are a member or will sit for the examination in a certain month.
  • Thinking Unpaid Experience Is Unimportant: Did you volunteer to do something related to the law for a nonprofit organization? Include any relevant experience, paid or not.
  • Including GPA: Include GPA and/or class rank only if it was/is extraordinary.
  • Listing Irrelevant Jobs: Jobs such as pizza delivery generally do not belong on legal internship resumes.

Resume Content
Elizabeth Garcia
138 Fifth Avenue, Salem, VA 11111
Innovative and forward-thinking law school graduate with a passion for promoting First Amendment rights. Developed program to help teachers at all levels explain issues such as freedom of speech. Experienced in educating underserved groups and children about constitutional law. Seeking opportunity to work with creative law firm on public outreach.
Bar admission: Virginia (2016)
Toured schools to educate K-12 students on freedom of speech
Developed program in coordination with teachers to explain key constitutional issues to students
Owner of free-speech blog Talk to Me
Frequent contributor to the nationally recognized free-speech blog Oh, Really?
Well-versed in creating videos, podcasts, infographics and how-tos
Helped with legal filings in [name of case]
Performed significant legwork in [name of case]
In top five percent of class at Achme Law School
President of the Women’s Law Club at Achme Law School
Marketing and communications background
Legal Outreach Intern
6/1/2015 ? 8/1/2015
Jackson Free Speech Organization ? Philadelphia, PA
Worked with area teachers to develop lesson plans for free speech and other constitutional issues.
Developed child-friendly infographics to break down complex issues.
Created several versions of materials for different language and cultural groups.
Spoke with students from K-12 on issues of the law.
Coordinated the firm’s blog, writing posts and recruiting of notable guest bloggers.
Wrote a short book, Freddy’s Free Speech, geared toward children ages five to 10.
Researched [name of case] and [name of case] for court filings.

Social Media Intern
6/1/2014 ? 12/1/2014
Avants, Varance, and Blankenship Law Firm ? Washington, D.C.
Coordinated social media outreach on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Wrote blog posts on topics such as gun rights, immigration, free speech and religion.
Outlined and delegated blog post, podcast and video projects to other parties.
Represented firm for several elementary and middle-school talks.
Handled inquiries from prospective clients, referring requests to appropriate people.

Doctor of Jurisprudence, 12/2015
Achme Law School, Roanoke, VA
Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communications, 06/2012
Scanbright University, Scanbright, FL