Free Traditional Legal Internship Resume Template

As you apply for legal internships, a traditional resume can help get your foot in the door. Use the traditional format for law firms and employers that are old fashioned and value time-honored ways of doing things; you may even be asked to submit your resume via postal mail. Looking at traditional resume templates is a good starting point for crafting your own, and we have provided a sample free traditional legal internship resume below. Read it and the accompanying tips as you develop a top-notch resume.

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What to Include in a Traditional Legal Internship Resume

When you are writing a traditional legal internship resume, always begin with your contact information. Check that your email address is professional, and in the body of your resume, focus on your skills, work experience and education. It is possible you have no legal internship experience; in such cases, emphasize transferable skills you have developed in non-legal jobs. For example, if you wrote for your undergraduate college newspaper, you could tout your interviewing, research and writing skills. Your experience and the legal internship in question factor into how you create the resume. Write in traditional language, and use bullet points for easier reading.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting Important Dates: Include your expected law school graduation date, or if you have already graduated, the month and year in which you graduated. Also include whether you have passed a bar examination or when you plan to take one.
  • Not Positioning Yourself as a Team Player: It is important that legal interns be team players. Be sure you emphasize your teamwork and collaboration skills throughout your resume.
  • Neglecting to Proofread: It can happen to the best of us, but do not let it happen to you. Proofread your resume, and have others proofread for pesky typos and errors.
  • Including Your High School Information: It may seem tempting to list your high school if it was private and prestigious, but it is neutral information at best and may alienate some employers.

Resume Content
Morris Kelly
183 First Avenue, Roanoke, VA 11111
Knowledgeable and dedicated law student with prior internships in immigration law and animal law. Proficient in deep and accurate research with quick turnaround. Experienced in explaining complicated matters to clients/laypeople, and skilled in interpreting various court decisions. Seeking opportunity to gain experience with a traditional law firm.
Knowledge of immigration law and international human rights statues
Well-versed in animal-rights law
Bilingual in English and Spanish
Prepared filings for lawyers in [name of case]
Performed extensive research in [name of case]
Proficient in interviewing clients
In top 10 percent of class at Achme Law School
President of the Achme Law School Club
Sitting for [month, year] Virginia Bar Examination
Excellent negotiation skills
Exceptional communication skills
Legal Research Intern
6/1/2015 ? 8/1/2015
Jones Animal Rights Group ? Washington, D.C.
Performed research on case law in various animal abuse cases.
Prepared summary reports on the research for case attorneys.
Proposed arguments to make in motions, pleadings and jury trials.
Served as defense attorney in [name of case] mock trial.
Met with prospective clients to explain the process at Jones Animal Rights Group.

Legal Advocate Intern
6/1/2014 ? 8/1/2014
Smith Immigration Law Group ? Philadelphia, PA
Advocated for asylum seekers fleeing their home countries.
Met with prospective clients to facilitate pro bono representation at Smith Immigration Law Group.
Conducted follow-up interviews with clients via telephone, email and in person.
Performed case research on immigration law for people from Cuba, Mexico and Lebanon.
Wrote articles on immigration law for the firm’s blog.
Identified ways for systemic change in immigration reform to help refugees and trafficking victims.
Input client information into databases.
Helped attorneys prepare for hearings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review.
Placed all relevant documentation into client case files.

Doctor of Jurisprudence candidate, 06/2016
Achme Law School, Roanoke, VA
Bachelor of Arts in English, 06/2014
Scanbright University, Scanbright, FL