Career change

When you make a career choice, there is the possibility that you want to change of career after a certain period of time. Even if you are working for some years in a same field, you could want to change the things you do. There are some reasons why you could take this decision. One of them can be that you dislike the activities and task involved in your job. A career change process has to start after you are sure you have to do it. There are some essential steps you can take into consideration in order to have a successful career change.

Why change of career?

The following are the most common reason why people want to change of career. If you identify with more than one, then you have to think on it carefully. If you don’t find a reason similar to that one you have, then, it is possible don’t be necessary you change your career. Whether be the case, you have to make a deep assessment of the reasons you have in order to take the best decision.

Spend more time with family. Maybe you find out that spending more time with your family it is important for you at this moment.

The current career you have is in less demand, and the situation doesn’t seem to improve. If you lose your job and realize that there is less demand for your career, you can also think about using your abilities, skills and knowledge for a new one.

You want to have a more personal growth. If you feel that your current career doesn’t offer the fulfillment you need, you can search for a new career that allows you to grow in different aspects of your life.

You want to avoid stress. Maybe the things you do are so stressful and you really don’t like to do them. So the combination of stress and dislike can be a sign to look for another career.

You want to get a better income. If you find out that you can use your abilities, skills and education for another career that offer you a better salary, you can also think in the possibility to search for a new career.

The above reasons are just some of the common ones. How this is a decision that can change your life from now, we recommend you to think on it carefully. Try to do a decision that will give you the opportunity to success in life.

Steps to change of career

Steps to change of career

There is the possibility you don’t feel satisfied with the thing you do in your current career. Maybe you think the things you do at your job, don’t match your interests and expectations. Here is when you could think to change of career. There are some steps you can take to have success in this process, some of them are analyzing your current job situation, reviewing if your skills and interests are addressed to your current career, make a research for new ones, obtaining experience in the new career, among others.

Personality tests

Personality tests

These tests are used to know how your personality is. They are an excellent tool for interviewers in order to know more about you. The tests help you to determine the type of your personality, your interests, aptitudes, and skills. In this section, we describe some of them such as aptitude tests, career tests, intelligence tests, inventories, etc. so check some info about them. Don’t forget that the results will help you to find the right career for you, that one that matches your abilities, skills and interests.