Travel and Hospitality Resume Templates

Travel and Hospitality resume templates
What It’s Like to Work in the Travel & Hospitality Field

If you’re a people-person, then a job in the travel and hospitality field is for you. Most jobs within this profession involve working in hotels, resorts, and restaurants. However, you may find yourself working on cruise ships, at amusement parks, or overseeing RV parks and recreational campsites.

Your general goal when working within this field is to ensure that guests are happy. Entry-level positions usually involve serving guests directly in some capacity, whether it means serving food or arranging temporary transportation. In addition to meeting customer needs, management positions within this field involve also include making hiring and firing decisions and training new employees.

Benefits of Working in the Travel & Hospitality Field

As a travel or hospitality employee, you can expect to earn about $63,000 annually, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. Salaries falling under this occupation description range from around $29,000 annually through more than $100k for management positions. You’re likely to earn more when working for a hotel or resort as opposed to working in a similar position at independently owned restaurants and hotels.

You can expect to work steady hours, with entry-level employees often earning additional tips from satisfied customers. Jobs within this field tend to be readily available due to an ongoing demand. While there is a high turnover for entry-level positions, management jobs tend to be fairly steady.

Why You Need a Resume

Even if you’re not applying for a travel and hospitality job in states like Nevada, Delaware, and New York where you can expect a higher pay rate, a well-crafted resume still puts your best assets on display by highlighting all relevant experience and education. Take a moment to check out the travel and hospitality resume examples on Resume-Now to get started with your own travel and hospitality resume.

Travel and Hospitality Resume Templates

How to write a Travel and Hospitality Resume

  1. Brainstorm your accomplishments – Using a separate piece of paper, brainstorm your achievements.
  2. Find a strong Travel and Hospitality resume sample to use as a resource – Choose from our extensive assortment of resume samples to find one that helps you craft your own.
  3. Design a header to place at the top of your Travel and Hospitality resume – Make a header that includes the following information: your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).
  4. Make a direct summary statement that focuses on the company’s wants – Set up a summary statement that encompasses your skills, accomplishments, and a general sense of your professional identity. Review the job description to make sure that you address the company’s needs as well.
  5. Include your skills in a qualifications or areas of expertise section – Next, make a list of your professional abilities for your Travel and Hospitality resume. Ensure that each talent is applicable to the job description.
  6. Illustrate your work history as a work experience section in your Travel and Hospitality resume – List the jobs you’ve had in reverse chronological order. Write the dates you worked, the position you held, and the name of the company.
  7. Give an in-depth look at your Travel and Hospitality work history – In bullet point form, detail your duties and achievements at each job. Use the list you made in step one as a guide. Make sure your points are applicable to the job description.
  8. Present your education – Think of the highest degree or diploma you received. Write the name of the degree or diploma you obtained, where you got it, and the year you graduated (or will graduate).