What If You Forgot To Send a Thank You Note After Your Job Interview? (Sample)

CN_Marc_v1_eYour interview went well. Now you’re waiting to hear back from the employer, doing all the right things to stay sane. But suddenly you remember that you forgot to send a thank you email or note or letter or anything to the very people who are deciding your fate.

Have you blown your chances for the job? Is there anything you can do now to recover … or is it too late? Fear not. Here’s a sample thank you note for this very situation!

Sample thank you note (if you forget to send one sooner)

First and foremost, cut yourself some slack. This is not the end of the world. Thank you notes may not even matter to the employer.

But since you want to do everything you can to maximize your chances for the job, go ahead and write a nice thank you note now. You can say something like this, but of course adjust it to your own circumstances and the appropriate level of formality or informality:




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A few more thoughts

Sending a polite thank you note after an interview is a good thing to do, even if it isn’t for sure going to matter. It might matter, and that’s good enough.

But sending it later may not hurt you, especially if they are still deciding about whom to call back for the next round of interviews. Your
“late” note or email (snail mail may stand out, but either is fine) may come just at the right time to make a good impression.

And if you have anything new to tell them about your qualifications (as related directly to the job), this is a great chance to add to what they know about you. Just keep it short, polite, and make sure it really will leave a positive impression.

Good luck!

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