Free Creative General Manager Resume Template

If you are serious about getting the job you want, you’ll put significant time and effort into creating just the right resume. In addition to substantive information, tone is an important factor in catching the attention of potential employers. Hiring managers gauge the personality projected by your resume style to assess whether you seem as if you would fit well with the company culture. If you are aiming for a position with an innovative, forward-thinking company, make your resume stand out by highlighting your creativity. Check out the following creative general manager resume template and tips to get started with drafting your own.

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What to Include in a Creative General Manager Resume

To impress hiring managers, you want your resume to highlight your qualifications and your ability to innovate and come up with alternative pathways to success. At creative, thriving companies, prized qualities include the ability to think on your feet, motivate others and approach your tasks with enthusiasm and loads of energy. Be sure to point out your creativity and willingness to go the extra mile. Research the company’s primary demographic and demonstrate your ability to understand and relate to it.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • One-Size-Fits-All: This approach will not work when it comes to submitting your resume. A better strategy is to create a unique resume tailored to highlight the ways in which you can meet the company’s specific needs.
  • Misrepresentation: Honesty is the best policy when it comes to presenting your qualifications. Instead of exaggerating your credentials, explain how the ones you actually have make you a great candidate for the position.
  • Confusing Layout: Use spacing, bulleted lists and chronology to make sure that important information catches employers’ eyes right away.
  • Omitting Important Information: You should always include your education, relevant experience and skills. Remember, the information you present is all your potential employer has to go on when deciding whether to call you for an interview.
  • Mistakes and Typos: Spelling and grammar errors instantly detract from the impression you set out to make. Make sure to review your resume carefully, remembering that spell-checking programs will not always catch common errors.
  • Negative Phrasing: Your resume is not the setting to practice self-deprecation. Instead of apologizing for what you view as your deficiencies, promote the skills and qualities that you will bring to your position.

Resume Content
Jane Doe
387 Elm Street, Oceanview, MA 11111
Creative, confident general manager takes pride in coming up with innovative solutions. Achieved business growth by reaching out and attracting new target demographics. Capable, keeps cool head in a crisis, approaches challenges with enthusiasm. Committed to ensuring that services and products are the best our clients could ask for. Looking for a general manager position with a growing industry innovator.
Quick grasp of new concepts and situations
Ability to understand the big picture
Impressive attention to detail
Superior communication skills
Creative problem solver
Fresh, individual approach to project management
Meets and exceeds business goals
Enthusiastic and energetic
General Manager
9/1/2012 ? Current
Arrow Co. ? Oceanview, MA
Restructure business departments for optimum performance
Design and implement target demographic expansion
Manage marketing initiatives
Coordinate departmental cooperation
Negotiate supplier contracts
Encourage energetic and productive workplace atmosphere

Sales Manager
8/1/2008 ? 8/1/2012
Arrow Co. ? Oceanview, MA
Motivated sales team to meet goals
Created innovative sales strategy
Analyzed sales demographics to develop optimal approach
Gave constructive feedback to sales team members

Assistant Manager
2/1/2003 ? 7/1/2008
Provided support to department manager
Contributed ideas and enthusiasm to inspire business growth
Resolved client issues and concerns
Worked with team members to achieve goals
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Pleasantville U