A Promotion Announcement Letter is More Than a Pat-on-the-Back

When management writes a promotion announcement letter, there are many reasons for doing so. It allows the employee to be recognized for their achievement, and may put an end to possible rumors that have been circulating, but there are sound business reasons to make the announcement as well.

How should an internal promotion announcement letter be formatted?

To properly announce an employee’s promotion, either a human resources manager or the head of the department writes and signs the announcement. It’s usually formatted as a normal company memorandum, and should be addressed “To all employees” so that everyone receives the same information at the same time.

What information should be included in the announcement?

There are a number of significant points that should be covered so that the information is clear to everyone. They are:

  • The individual’s name
  • The individual’s previous experience
  • Their new title and what they’ll be responsible for in the new position
  • Who they’ll be reporting to
  • When the new position is effective
  • Who will be assuming the duties of their previous position

Is it necessary to announce the promotion to anyone outside of the company, and if so, who?

There are two types of announcements that may need to be made to outside contacts. The format for outside announcements is standard letter format on company letterhead.

If, in their previous position, the employee had relationships with suppliers, customers, consultants, or any other business entity that may be effected by the change, those individuals or companies should be notified.

In addition, an introduction should be made to the outside contacts the employee will deal with in their new position.

Does the information differ when writing to contacts outside of the company?

The same information provided in the company memorandum should also be included in the letter to those outside the company, but with a different emphasis.

Previous outside contacts will be more interested in the person assuming the individual’s responsibilities, so including a little more information in this area will be helpful to both.

Additionally, existing contacts that the promoted employee will be dealing with in their new position should be provided a little more detail about the individual’s qualifications. Any change in contact information should also be included.

While a promotion announcement letter is, indeed, a pat-on-the-back for the person receiving the promotion, it also serves a real business purpose by providing the same information to all parties involved. LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder can provide the inspiration you need to make the announcement positive and clear to all.

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