Bachelor Of Arts Resume Writing Tips

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from a respected university or college does not automatically guarantee that you will find a great job as soon as you receive your diploma. A lot of recent graduates are finding this out the hard way, especially with the economy in the state that it is currently. Young professionals need to find a great way to market themselves and their hard-earned education to potential employers. Resumes are still the best way to quickly give companies a snapshot of who you are and what you could potentially do in a position if you are given the opportunity.

For individuals graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, finding great job opportunities can be even more challenging. Typical fields of study for B.A. students include areas that are under the generic title of ‘liberal arts’ such as English, History, Political Science and more. Jobs in these areas are hard to come by so when recent graduates are applying they need to give potential employers a complete idea of what kinds of things that they alone can bring to the position. If you are having a hard time figuring out where to start with a resume that details your achievements you can search for a Bachelor of Arts resume sample to give you an idea of where to start.

Statement of Intent

This is incredibly important for positions that entail somewhat vague responsibilities and have a broad range of interpretations. This is the first thing that potential employers will see so it really needs to impress them. A statement of intent provides a little information about the candidate and what they are looking to do in the position they are applying for. This helps both parties to be on the same page with regards to what the candidate will bring to a job and what they expect to get out of their work.

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Having just graduated, most individuals will not have an incredible amount of work experience to list on their resume. This means that the education section becomes that much more important. In this area individuals should detail their particular field of study. If there are any courses that are particularly relevant to the position you are applying for you should list each with a small description as to why it specifically will help you in that position.

Research or Published Writing

A lot of students graduating from a Bachelor of Arts program will have conducted some kind of research related to their area of study or will have been published at some point during their undergraduate education. Potential employers like to see that students applied themselves beyond what was required; they like it even more if the student received some kind of exposure for their extracurricular work. If you have a lot of published works you should limit what you include in your resume to only the most impressive and relevant items.

Scholarships and Achievements

Listing scholarships, awards, or other achievements that recognize outstanding performance either in or outside of the classroom can help you to stand apart from other applicants of the same position. Again, you should restrict the items that you list on your resume to only the ones that are relevant to the position you are applying for or those that make impressive statements about your abilities, dedication, or other admirable attributes.

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