AA Degree Resume Writing Tips

Most associate degrees are referred to as ‘liberal arts’ degrees. Depending on your career of choice, this degree is just as valid as a Bachelors degree. You will soon discover that your AA degree resume will play an important role in attracting employers and will help to market yourself in your chosen field. Having a well formatted resume could also bring to light, new opportunities not yet considered. Your resume will play an important role in helping you achieve the salary you want. Thus, it is necessary to create a document that stands out. You should take the time to learn to compose an attention-getting, yet easy to read presentation of your credentials. This is your best hope of keeping your resume out of a pile that will be ignored.

Proper Layout of Your Resume

The first step to creating a winning AA degree resume is proper layout. The most common format is a chronological resume. This format begins with complete contact information. The next section would entail an entry for your educational background followed by your work history. You will need to decide how big these sections should be. This can be decided by choosing which section you wish to stand out. For instance, a big education section would be appropriate for someone who is just beginning their career and has little work history. Therefore, if you wish for your work experience to stand out, you might opt to simply list the degree you obtained and the school you attended in the education section.

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Listing Your Degree Properly

Now that you have decided upon the details that are right for you, make sure that your entries are properly listed. Your education section should be titled as Education. This is the area where you will focus on listing your degree. This should be handled as such: state the type of degree that you obtained and the year that you received it. For instance, if your degree pertained to business it may read as; ‘Associate’s Degree, Business Administration 2008’ Be sure that this information is in bold lettering so it will stand out. Underneath your degree information include the name of the school that you attended including the location. Finally, the line that follows should include other relevant information such as; GPA, honors, or perhaps extracurricular activities that are related.

Tips for Writing Your Resume

In order for you to create an outstanding presentation with your AA degree resume, there are other tips that you can follow. Use titles that relate to the job that you are applying for. Your potential employer may receive hundreds of resumes for a position. Your titles should be crafted in a manner that will catch the reader’s attention in a 5-10 second glance. Power words are excellent attention getters. If you wish to make an impression in a 5-10 second glance, design is also an important consideration.

Aside from all of this, an updated resume can help you identify areas that require improvement, both on and off the paper. In addition, since your resume is vitally important; you may wish to use an AA degree resume sample to help you create a resume that stands out from the crowd.

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