Bachelor Of Science Resume Writing Tips

Young professionals who have recently graduated from Bachelor of Science programs at various universities and colleges around the country are now faced with an entirely new set of challenges. These recent graduates have without a doubt developed extensive knowledge and skills sets relating to their different courses of study. Unfortunately, most of these ex-students are relatively unaware of how to translate their degree into a well-planned resume that can speak to potential employers and say what kinds of advantages these new entrants into the workforce can bring to companies looking to hire new employees.

With the economy being in the state that it is, attractive jobs are limited and competition is fierce. Recent graduates need to maximize their attractiveness to the companies they are applying to. Even in today’s high-tech world, resumes are still the best way to communicate to potential employers why you think your specific skills, abilities, knowledge, etc. make you the perfect candidate for a job. If you are just getting started creating a resume, or polishing one you already have before sending it out, and having difficulty with formatting or content then you should considering searching for Bachelor of Science resume samples.


It is pretty rare for recent graduates to have previous work experience that is relevant to positions they are applying for. This makes the education section of the resume incredibly important since it is where potential employers will be focusing most of their attention. You will need to specify the field of study that you earned your degree in. Additionally, some employers like to have information about specific courses you have taken that cover information a person will need for the position that they are looking to hire for. It is a good idea to include classes with a short, detailed description about the material covered and how it would help you excel in the position you are applying for.

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Technical and/or Computer Skills

Positions that require this extensive level of education that a Bachelor of Science degree supplies are typically grounded in professional areas that require workers to be able to adequately use specialized computer programs and other technology based applications on a daily basis. For instance, Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering fields require individuals to be able to use design programs such as CAD software. Resume writers need to include all relevant technical or computer skills; it is important that writers not stretch the truth about their familiarity with these kinds of industry-based programs since the positions will more than likely require their use at some point or another.

Work Experience / Internships

If you are lucky enough to have relevant work experience in the area that you are trying to get a job you need to include it in the resume. Add details about what kind of work you were required to do, whether or not you worked in teams or alone on projects, and the various skills, techniques, or industry specific knowledge that was necessary on a daily basis.

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