Like a firm handshake, a standout CV is your calling card to you to employers. So how can you ensure that your CV will catch a hiring manager’s eye in a sea of strong competitors? Whether it’s your first draft of your CV or your 100th revision, smart jobseekers know that studying the cv templates of others is the best way to learn what works.

A strong CV can get you the job you want so put your best foot forward by studying these cv templates for ideas and inspiration. Use our samples to see how other jobseekers crafted their CVs and learn how to make your own CV shine.

CV Templates Industries

Accounting and Finance

Creating a well-written CV is critical to getting a great job. Use Resume-Now’s accounting and finance cv templates to create yours today!

Administrative Support

A well-written CV will be an essential component of your administrative job search. Use Resume-Now’s administrative support cv templates to create yours now!


To find a great job in architecture, you’ll need a well-written professional CV. Create yours now with the help of Resume-Now’s architecture cv templates!

Art, Fashion and Design

Resume-Now’s art, fashion and design cv templates can help you create a winning CV of your own and grab employer attention.

Beauty and Spa

You’ll need a strong CV to land your target job in the spa and beauty field. Create yours now with the help of Resume-Now’s beauty and spa cv templates!


Use Resume-Now’s business cv templates to create your own CV document and land your target job in business, administration, or management!


Childcare employers often ask candidates to provide CVs instead of resumes. Create yours now using Resume-Now’s childcare cv templates!

Community and Public Service

To find work in the public service field, you’ll need a terrific CV. Create yours today with Resume-Now’s community and public service cv templates!

Computers and Technology

In the IT field, a successful job search requires a well-written CV. Use Resume-Now’s computers and technology cv templates to create your own!


Want a job in construction? You’ll need a superb CV to grab the attention of potential employers. Create one using Resume-Now’s construction cv templates!

Customer Service

If you’re looking for a position in customer service, you need a CV! Use Resume-Now’s customer service cv templates and create your own profile today.


If you want a new dental job, you have to impress employers with a professional CV! Create one today using Resume-Now’s dental cv templates.

Education and Training

The success of your job search in the education field depends on an outstanding CV. Create one today using Resume-Now’s education and training cv templates!


Setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack is crucial to landing a great engineering job. Use our engineering cv templates to get you started now.

Entertainment and Media

Check out Resume-Now’s entertainment and media cv templates for ideas on how to create your own eye-catching CV!

Fitness and Recreation

Use Resume-Now’s fitness and recreation cv templates to create your own CV, and start putting your passions for good health and exercise to work!

Fitness and Recreation

Looking to get a job in the fast-paced food and beverage industry? A good CV is essential. Use our food and beverage cv templates to get started.

Funeral Services

Want an exciting job in the funeral industry? Use our funeral services cv templates to create your own winning document.


Are looking for a job in the government sector? Look no further! We have government cv templates to put you on the right path.

Green Jobs

A well-written CV can be an essential part of your environmentally-geared job search. Use Resume-Now’s green jobs cv templates to create your own!


With so many variables at stake, creating the right CV can be daunting. Use our healthcare cv templates to guide you.

Human Resources

A human resource professional appreciates the importance of a masterful CV. Take yours to the next level with tips from our human resources cv templates.

Humanities and Liberal Arts

Want to create the perfect CV? See our humanities and liberal arts cv templates and tips to get the information you need.

Installation and Maintenance

Get started on landing your ideal job with our installation and maintenance cv templates, containing all the best tips and guidelines.


Properly marketing yourself is key to getting a job in the insurance industry, and a CV can help greatly. Our insurance cv templates will show you the way!

Law Enforcement and Security

A career in law enforcement and security requires a well-crafted CV. Consider our law enforcement and security cv templates to help you get started!


Crafting a unique CV is essential for any legal career. Consider using some of our legal cv templates to get started on creating yours today!


Seeking a career in the library world? Having a top-notch CV in order is crucial. Peruse our library cv templates for ideas on how to create yours!


Check out our management cv templates and learn how to assemble a CV. Then, move forward with landing the management position of your dreams!

Manufacturing and Production

Resume-Now’s manufacturing and production cv templates can play a pivotal part in helping you craft a CV of your own. Check them out now!

Marketing, Advertising and PR

A CV is a great tool for promoting yourself in marketing, advertising and PR worlds. Use our marketing, advertising and PR cv templates to create your own!


If you’re interested in serving our country, a military career might be perfect for you. See our military cv templates to get started on the right foot.

Natural Resources and Agriculture

Ready to make your best CV yet? Use our natural resources and agriculture cv templates to get the ins and outs of CV making.


Wish you had a perfect CV? Check out our nursing cv templates to learn how to do it!

Performing Arts

A showstopping CV is critical to a career in the performing arts. See our performing arts cv templates to get started!

Personal Services

Want to create CV that wows employers? Read our personal services cv templates to learn the secrets!


If you want a fulfilling career in the pharmacy industry, you must have an impeccable CV. See our pharmacy cv templates to get you started./p>


Writing a thoughtful CV is a key step in advancing your psychology career. Reference our psychology cv templates to help your application stand out.

Real Estate

Making the effort to craft a good CV is an important step in furthering your real estate career. Check out our real estate cv templates to get a head start.


Taking time to put together a good CV is a valuable step in moving your retail career forward. Have a look at our retail cv templates to get started.


If you want to take your sales career to the next level, you should create a strong CV. To get started, take a look at our professionally created sales cv templates.


Building an impressive CV can help you make progress in your science career. Read on for our tips and science cv templates.

Skilled Trades

Use our skilled trades cv templates to create your own winning document and to get an edge over the competition when it comes to the job search.

Social Sciences

Check out our social sciences cv templates and tips to get a head start on creating your own exceptional job application.


Pursuing a career in sports? You may come across an opportunity that requires a CV. Take the lead from our sports cv templates to hit a home run on yours.

Telecommunications and Wireless

Whether you need to submit a CV while job hunting or create one for personal reference, make yours stellar using our telecommunications and wireless cv templates.

Textile and Apparel

Use our textile and apparel cv templates to chronicle your experience, skills, and achievements so that you can build you own winning job application.

Transportation and Distribution

Our transportation and distribution cv templates can help you put together a top-notch, unique job application that will get employers’ attention.

Travel and Hospitality

Turn to our travel and hospitality cv templates for the valuable guidance you need to build your own winning job application.