Engineering CV Templates

As an engineer looking to land a specialized job, it’s wise to opt for a curriculum vitae or CV over a resume so that you can detail your extensive professional experience within your engineering discipline. A comprehensive CV will also help you to cast the net wider to apply for more than one type of engineering job. See our engineering CV templates further down on this page, which will help you to select the correct format to write the perfect CV for your specific engineering field.

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Engineering CV Templates

Civil engineer

Your civil engineer CV should illuminate your ability to design, build, and maintain construction projects and systems. Don’t forget to include your certification information in a prominent position.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 3%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skills: Technical and design software skills, ability to use surveying equipment.

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

The work of a mechanical maintenance engineer typically involves checking, repairing, servicing equipment and systems to ensure they run smoothly. Your mechanical maintenance engineer CV should thus reflect your methodical approach to maintaining important machinery.
• Projected industry growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Important skills: Ability to work well under pressure, sound technical knowledge, problem-solving skills.

Mechanical Engineer

Because this is a broad field of engineering, your mechanical engineer CV should amplify your areas of interest or expertise, be it in design, development, building, maintenance or testing.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Good problem-solving ability, attention to detail.

Aerospace Engineer

Although job prospects in this industry are expected to decline, there will still be a need for aerospace engineers to research and develop aircraft that can reduce noise pollution and improve fuel efficiency.
• Projected job growth until 2024: -2%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Physics or applied physics, software engineering or mathematics.

Electrical Engineer

Employers value practical experience, so your electrical engineer CV should showcase your experience particularly in research and development. You will impress employers if you have participated in cooperative engineering programs, so include this in your electrical engineer CV too.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 0%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Top skills: Critical thinking, problem-solving, innovative thinking.

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What Most Engineering Job Seekers Forget to Include

Given the highly specialized nature of the engineering industry, you probably already know what hard skills to include in your engineering CV. And, while it’s important to detail those, you should not overlook the value of including soft skills too. These include excellent communication, creativity, adaptability, collaborating well with others, and leadership skills. You could demonstrate these attributes by sharing related professional accomplishments. In an ever-changing technological environment, you could also mention that you can adapt quickly to advancements in your field. Look over our engineering CV templates to see how we incorporated this information.

Excellent Action Verbs for your Engineering CV

A prospective employer doesn’t want to read a laundry list of your previous professional duties. Instead, they want to see your value. As you explain your responsibilities in your work experience section, work in professional accomplishments that illuminate your worth as an employee. Start each line with a strong action verb that demands attention and professes your strength as an employee. Take a look at the list of verbs below, and consider how they enhanced our engineering CV templates. Contemplate how you can incorporate them into your own engineering CV to make you stand out as a leader in your field. Remember to write in the active voice, for example: “Lead and manage a team of 10 Junior Engineers.” This list is intended to help you get started. As you read it, ask yourself which ones work best for you. Don’t stop there. Think of the roles you’ve played in your past jobs and which verbs will not only best describe your abilities as a skillful engineer, but also that you are a well-rounded individual who can manage, lead and use initiative.
• Initiated
• Lead
• Collaborated
• Managed
• Executed
• Engineered
• Instituted
• Facilitated
• Spearheaded
• Maintained