Best Resume Templates

All Industries

Accounting and Finance

Do you have a knack for bottom lines and crunching numbers? Then a career in accounting and finance might be your true calling.

Administrative Support

If you enjoy screening calls, setting up meetings, and making sure the entire office is running smoothly, then it’s time you explore a career in administrative support.


Are you ready to design a building, restore stadiums, and reimagine public spaces? Then architecture might be the right career choice for you.

Art, Fashion and Design

Do you have an eye for art, fashion, and design? Well, here’s your chance to turn that passion into a career.

Banking and Financial Services

If you want to handle money all day, then look no farther. A career in banking and financial services is perfect for you.

Beauty and Spa

Whether it’s rock massages or painting nails, a career in beauty and spa can be rewarding and fun. Click to read more.


Are you exploring career options in the business field? Then read on and learn how to write a business resume.


If you have a knack for raising and caring for children, then now’s your chance to make that passion pay off.

Community and Public Service

Whether you’re staffing emergency food programs or renovating public parks, community and public service jobs make a real impact on the lives around you.

Computers and Technology

Do you understand computers inside and out? Then a job in computers and technology might be your career calling.


If you enjoy working outdoors, using your hands, and breaking a sweat, then a career in construction is ripe for the picking.

Customer Service

Customer service isn’t only a thriving and popular career option—it’s also a great way to make a living. Read on for more.


Whether you want to run your own dental office or simply lend a helping hand as an assistant, a dental career is both rewarding and high-paying.

Education and Training

Are you passionate about helping youth learn, grow, and develop into thoughtful individuals? Then a career in education and training is perfect for you.


Whether you’re interested in aerospace, electronics, software, or more, a career in engineering covers it all.

Entertainment and Media

Bright lights, cameras rolling, and newspaper headlines—it all comes with the territory in the entertainment and media field.

Fitness and Recreation

Grab a dumbbell, get your heart rate going, and help others transform their bodies. That’s just a day in the life of a fitness and recreation professional.

Food and Beverage

Do you consider yourself a “foodie?” Then the food and restaurant industry is your chance to turn that passion into a living.

Funeral Services

It might not be for everyone, but the funeral services industry is a rewarding, compassionate, and lucrative career option.


Are you interested in a government job? Then read on and learn how to create the perfect resume.

Green Jobs

Green jobs have become more and more popular as companies try to reduce their carbon footprint. Here’s how to cash in on the latest movement.


The healthcare field is always looking for new staff members. Read on and learn how to get hired in this lucrative, booming industry.

Human Resources

Are you curious about a career in human resources? Learn how to write a resume that turns you into the top candidate.

Humanities and Liberal Arts

Are you the artistic type? Are you looking for work in the humanities and liberal arts field? Then here’s your chance to get hired faster.

Installation and Maintenance

Are you a handyman? Then a career in installation and maintenance might be right up your alley.


Everyone needs insurance of some type, so job opportunities in this field are ripe for the picking. Here’s how to write an insurance resume.

Law Enforcement and Security

If you want to serve, protect, and safeguard your community, then look no farther: the law enforcement and security field is perfect for you.


If the thought of courtrooms and justice excite you, then it’s time to turn that enthusiasm into a career. Here’s how to write a legal resume.


Libraries might be a quiet atmosphere, but the career options in the library field are exciting, fun, and rewarding.


Every company, business, and non-profit needs the right management team. Here’s how to write a strong management resume.

Manufacturing and Production

Are you looking for work in the manufacturing and production field? Then read on and learn how to create a well-written resume.

Marketing, Advertising and PR

Marketing is all about personality, persuasion, and making the sale. Here’s how to get hired in the marketing, advertising, and PR field.


Whether you’re a veteran looking for work or you want to work in a military position, here’s how to create a convincing, well-written military resume.

Natural Resources and Agriculture

Are you ready to start applying for work in the natural resources and agriculture field? Then first make sure your resume is spotless.


Nursing is one of the most popular healthcare-related positions out there. Read on and learn how to create a well-written nursing resume.

Performing Arts

Are you passionate about the performing arts? Then this is your chance to turn that enthusiasm into a lucrative career option.

Personal Services

The personal services industry covers a lot of territory, whether you’re looking for work in lawn care or automotive repair. Here’s how to get hired faster.


The pharmacy field is booming with opportunity. Read on and learn how to write a persuasive, standout resume.


Whether you want to become a developmental psychologist or clinical psychologist, here’s how to format and write a great resume.

Real Estate

Real estate offers flexible hours and exciting growth opportunities. Read on and learn how to get into this people-oriented career opportunity.


Coffee shops, clothing stores, amusement parks, and thousands of other businesses need talented retail workers. Learn how to create a great retail resume.


Do you have a knack for closing deals? Then you might be a natural salesperson. Here’s how to write a sales resume.


If you want to work in a science lab, then you first need to create a well-written, professional resume. Here’s how to do exactly that.

Skilled Trades

The skilled trades field covers everything from concrete masons to roofers. Read on for more info on creating a skilled trades resumes.

Social Sciences

Are you exploring career options in the social services field? Then you first need to make sure your resume is well written and perfectly formatted.


Working in sports isn’t all about autographs and ballpark hotdogs—it’s a competitive, well-paying field. Here’s how to stand out with your sports resume.

Telecommunications and Wireless

Are you a bleeding edge telecommunications and wireless devotee? Then it’s time to turn that interest into a career.

Textile and Apparel

Textile and apparel jobs are always in demand. Here’s how to write a resume and find work in this popular field.

Transportation and Distribution

Whether you want to work in a warehouse or on the road as a truck driver, here’s how to write a transportation and distribution resume.

Travel and Hospitality

If you want to work with people on a day-to-day basis, travel and hospitality is your career calling. Here’s how to write a professional resume.

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