Resume Sample: Example of an IT Project Manager Resume Targeted to the Job

CN_Marc_v1_eOne of the best ways for an IT Project Manager or anyone to get the attention of a resume screener (the person who decides if you get to the next step) is by targeting your resume to the job you’re applying for – using real information and key words from the actual job description.

So to help you learn how to target your own, here’s an example of a resume of a Project Manager with Oracle experience, based on someone that I know with over ten years of experience.

First I’ll show you a portion of a sample job description (where you need to start), and then we’ll look at some of the places where the resume was edited to match (target) it to the desired job.

Sample IT Project Manager Job Description

We’re looking for an IT Project Manager with Oracle Cloud financial system experience (preferred), a thorough understanding of financial and accounting functions, and experience in large-scale project management, strategic planning, and implementation. Some of the specific requirements include:

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in as a project manager. PeopleSoft Cloud 9.2 experience a plus.
  • Experience and proficiency in full lifecycle project management. [NOTE: This employer writes “lifecycle” as one word. Some places use “full life cycle” or “full life-cycle” or even “full-life cycle”. I would use the variation the employer uses in your resume and cover letter.]
  • Establish and maintain relationships with different internal departments (IT, Finance, and HR clients) to better understand their business.
  • Track record of bringing large projects in successfully and on time.
  • Oversees integrity of change control process for assigned projects.
  • Ensures training strategy is created and executed.
  • Knowledge of MS Project.

How to Target the Resume to the Job Description

You target a resume to the job you want by using the job description they provide – (useful key phrases highlighted above) – so that you can match your resume as best as possible to the skills and experience that they are looking for. This does NOT mean you simply place every single phrase in the description into your resume; that’s a little obvious and you DON’T have to match each point. Just use these phrases to guide you in deciding which accomplishments to include – and maybe which ones to leave out.

The phrases also guide you to keywords / key phrases you want to add to your resume if you don’t already have them there. Great to use a few of the most important job description phrases in your highlights / primary skills section at the top of your resume. Your goal is to focus your resume as best as possible (being totally honest and using your real experience) to help the employer see where the things you’ve done are in synch with what they are looking for.

For example, they mention PeopleSoft Cloud 9.2 experience. Alma, our project manager, can emphasize her ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PeopleSoft experience, since these may very likely get her in the door (the concepts are still the same), even without specific Cloud 9.2 experience.  She also makes a point to emphasize her financial systems experience, even though she’s also worked on HR and other types of systems.

In fact, when she was a business analyst she had some HR experience that will help her to show that she is able to speak knowingly with other internal departments, something she may even point to in her cover letter. And she will also point to the project management assignments she had while she was a business analyst, using that to enhance her project management experience during her interviews.

New Targeted IT Project Manager Resume Example

Compare Alma’s new resume to the job description, and see how much of a match there is, even without the specific Oracle Cloud 9.2 experience:
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Final note

I was an internal recruiter for many years, and although it would have been great to fill open positions with exact requirements, I know I often had to stretch a bit on precise skills to find the candidate that we were looking for, not only when deciding who to interview, but later on when I had to make the case to Human Resources that the person was indeed appropriately qualified.

The more you show an employer how well you match through your resume and cover letter, the better your chances!

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