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Did you know that the interview is not over when you shake the interviewers hand and walk out that door? Many people believe that it is the end so they sit back and wait for the interviewer to give them a call. At least, this is what the armatures believe. The pros know that it’s more to it than that and the interview follow up comes next.

The interview follow up is simply a thank you letter that you send to the interviewer within a twenty-four hour period. Although it may seem like an insignificant thing that wouldn’t make very much difference in the outcome of the interview, it’s actually very important. Many interviewers look for these ‘thank you letters’ to see which candidates are truly serious about the position they applied for. Once they have given it a few days to see who responds back, they will make their decision as to who they want to consider for the position.

Typed Letter or Email

There are two main options to choose from when you send out an interview follow up letter. You can send a typed letter or an email. So which one is better? The truth is it doesn’t matter. Both options are acceptable and most business cards will have both the interviewers email address and their work address printed on them. In fact, you can even send out both if you want to be completely thorough.

In some cases, you may want to send a handwritten letter instead but this will depend on the type of job you applied for, the personality of the interviewer and whether or not it was an informal interview. This would be rare but you should be able to tell if the interviewer would be the type of person that prefers the personal touch a hand written note would provide by the time you reach the end of the interview. If you do hand write the letter it must be legible so take your time.

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Customize Your Interview Follow Up Letter

It’s important to customize your follow up letter to include details specific to the interview. You want to be brief with only a couple of paragraphs but touch base on some important issues. Start out with a sincere thank-you for the interview opportunity. Follow that up with a recap of the main qualifications that make you a great candidate for the position.

This is also the time to address any issues, concerns or anything that was not mentioned in the interview that would be relevant to the position available. Always proofread your letters or emails to ensure there are no typos, incorrect spelling or grammatical mistakes. There’s nothing worse than sending out a thank you letter to a potential employer that contains poor grammar and bad spelling. This would hinder you more than it would help.

The interview follow up letter is similar to a sales letter because you’re building yourself up and selling your qualifications. Take a few minutes and follow up your interview. It very well could make a huge difference and get you one step closer to being considered for the job.

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