Free Creative Apartment Leasing Consultant Resume Template

A well-made creative apartment leasing consultant resume can score you a job at a unique company with a personality that matches your own. Creative companies recognize creative applicants and want to hire a whole package, not just a few isolated skills. Show off your true colors and use the advice and samples given here as a launching pad for the best creative resume you’ll ever write.

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What to Include in a Creative Apartment Leasing Consultant Resume

A few choice words, a unique turn of phrase, an eye-catching layout: these things can make all the difference when you are creating a creative resume. Rather than just slapping a few pieces of information about yourself on a page, take care in crafting a resume that expresses who you are, not just what you can do. Make sure to include all normal resume components like a summary of what you are looking for, full job details and education, but have a little fun with the wording. Ideally, potential employers should be able to understand your added value to their company in terms of your hard skills and your personality.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting to Showcase Your Personality: Creative companies aren’t just hiring for your hard skills; they also want a perfect culture match. From the summary to the way you describe your experience, you can inject personality into every stage of a resume.
  • Using Too-Small Fonts: A page of crammed 9 pt. Times New Roman text is that last thing creative employers want to see. Remember the reader and keep your resume easy to scan and absorb. Use readable fonts for body text and headers and include some white space.
  • Neglecting Design and Copywriting: Your resume doesn’t have to be boring; it can be a work of art! Use uncommon language and unexpected sentence structure, and remember to pay attention to the layout, colors and fonts of your resume and make it an interesting piece to read.
  • Being Too Formal With Your Job Descriptions: There’s nothing wrong with letting loose a little when it comes to describing your job history. Tell people what you really did with off-the-wall descriptions and wordings. The people reading your resume like to see this kind of creativity and individual spark.

Resume Content
Avery Mathis
8592 Feather Dr., Story Heights, NC 11111
Passionate, creative professional driven to help others. Great with organization and motivated to achieve complete customer or tenant satisfaction. Searching for employment with an apartment community that values caring employees, exceptional customer service skills, obsession with detail and unstoppable drive.
Sales ninja: can sell anything to anyone
Passion for helping and providing top-notch customer service
Impressively knowledgeable about local housing legislation
Whiz-kid for anything related to real estate
Frequent contributor apartment living ezines
So organized it’s a little scary
Endless energy and drive
Creative problem solving and ability to think on the spot
Great person to have on a team
Strong analytical skills
Real Estate Agent Assistant
3/1/2013 ? Current
Carlisle and Banner Homes ? Story Heights, NC
Manage agent social media profiles
Maintain and update all real estate listings
Brainstorm successful marketing ideas for agents

Leasing Assistant
2/1/2011 ? 2/1/2013
YouLive Property Management ? Story Heights, NC
Created beautiful sample property décor arrangements
Conducted all potential tenant tours and closed two new tenants per week
Kept office clean, tenants happy, calendars organized and coffeepot full

Editorial Assistant
2/1/2010 ? 2/1/2011
Apartment Love Magazine ? Remote
Wrote award-winning, on-point feature stories related to finding and living in apartments
Managed magazine social media and brought in 75% of magazine readers
Conducted research on apartment living trends
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
Dublase University, Chimpton, SC