Free Professional Corporate Trainer Resume Template

Getting hired for the corporate training job that you’ve always wanted isn’t easy. The best way to make this process more manageable is to have a great and professional resume. Showing off how qualified you are is one way to make your resume score the most points in professionalism. Using industry language and incorporating important keywords from the job posting are also ways your resume can be even more suited to a professional style. Here are some other ways you can make your resume even more targeted in this style.

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What to Include in a Professional Corporate Trainer Resume

Securing a position as a corporate trainer can be possible if you spend the time to make your resume as professional as possible. Give details about your most impressive career highlights, experience and education. Don’t get too elaborate with your descriptions and phrasing. An employer may be impressed with your background if you present your information clearly in a professional format. Once you’ve been selected during this part of the process, you may be asked for an interview. At that point, it becomes easier to express your suitability for the job in person.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Going Over One Page: A professional resume must be limited to around one page of information. While some professions may elect for a longer document, the standard corporate trainer resume should be one page or less.
  • Overloaded With Information: While it’s important to give plenty of details about how qualified you are, there is a limit. Don’t shrink your font to a microscopic size to keep everything on one page.
  • Giving References: In the past, some resumes had a section listing references and their contact information. Since space is at a premium, only provide references when asked.
  • Making It Boring: Just because you’re writing a professional style resume doesn’t mean it has to bore your hiring manager to sleep. Ensure that you include lively verbs to keep it more interesting.

Resume Content
Dylan Frainche
908 Quality Way Columbia, SC 11111
Top industry expert in corporate training with experience obtaining results. Utilize variety of techniques to get employees trained efficiently and effectively. Leader in developing new instructional methods that increase corporate knowledge. Positive partner with corporate leadership in creating training systems. Looking for a position as a corporate trainer in the restaurant industry.
Demonstrated success in running training sessions
Solid manual writing skills
Background in management
Ability to give effective feedback
Strong history of exceeding expectations
Able to present information for all learning styles
Knowledge of learning techniques and brain processes
Methods of designing unique team building experiences
Ability to work on a team
Excellent communication ability
Strong writing skills
Commitment to details and accountability
Friendly and easygoing
Exciting and dynamic
Corporate Trainer
7/1/2006 ? 10/1/2013
Raleigh’s Food Group ? Columbia, SC
Created a new training program focused on preventing safe food handling practices.
Developed learning activities to instruct new hires on duties.
Implemented a classroom experience for cooks and servers to learn menu items.
Provided a hands-on lab experience for new employees to understand cooking processes.
Published a series of training manuals and assessments to help develop employee understanding.
Eliminated food contamination issues within the restaurant setting.

Corporate Trainer
10/1/2013 ? Present
Marshall Restaurant Holdings ? Columbia, SC
Led a team of eight managers on best practices when running a store.
Worked with a group of four other corporate trainers to develop materials and training methods.
Delivered a training curriculum two weeks before deadline to all company stores.
Created training experiences to teach food service staff corporate policies and procedures.
Designed new rewards and incentives to encourage existing employees to increase sales.
Mentored new store managers on scheduling, food costs and ordering ingredients.
Helped increase individual store sales 32% within three months.

Bachelor of Science in Management
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC