Free Traditional Special Education Teacher Resume Template

When you’re putting your resume together, you must constantly strive to customize it for each position you plan to seek. It’s also important to tweak your resume’s style depending on the type of school you may end up working for. Some school districts have a long history of traditional rules and values. If you’re seeking employment with an education district that fits this profile, you may need to write a traditional special education teacher resume. Here is how you can make your resume fit this particular style.

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What to Include in a Traditional Special Education Teacher Resume

If you have applied for a teaching job with a school system that has been around for decades, it’s possible you may need to stick to a traditional style resume. With these kinds of school systems, a human resources department may be evaluating your information, so keep it informative and concise. Traditional organizations aren’t looking for excess information or verbal creativity. The human resources department simply wants to know if you have experience and the right credentials. You should detail your educational background, your teaching experience, your career highlights and a summary of what you’re looking for. Doing so can help you get closer to the perfect teaching job in special education.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unprofessional Look: With a resume written in a traditional style, you must also keep the presentation traditional. Don’t use colorful paper when printing it out, and stay away from decorative font choices.
  • Forgetting to Fix Errors: If you’re trying to get a teaching job, making spelling mistakes or typos is something that takes away from your credibility. Get a friend or colleague to help you proofread your resume if needed.
  • Too General: School districts want to see the specifics about each teaching position you’ve held. Make sure you use measurable details and numbers throughout your resume.
  • Weak Verbiage: As you write your resume, it’s a good idea to use strong action words for your former job responsibilities. Avoid weak or wishy-washy language to get more results from your credentials.

Resume Content
Amy Thomas
874 Circle Drive Atlanta, GA 11111
Dedicated special education teacher with eight years of experience. Solid history of effective teaching methods for diverse learners. Ability to engage and motivate students who have a variety of individual needs. Positive attitude and strong desire to make a difference. Looking for a position as a special educator in the new academic year.
Certified in special education
Ability to write IEPs
Case management expertise
Experience creating award-winning lessons
Evaluated as highly effective
Experience teaching many different subjects
Knowledge of multi-sensory approaches
Understanding of curriculum
Strength working with others
Excellent verbal and written communication ability
Patient and understanding
Organized and efficient
Excellent classroom management
Ability to make positive parent partnerships
Special Education Teacher
8/1/2008 ? 6/1/2012
Perrow Middle School ? Cobb County, GA
Managed a caseload of 15-20 students per year.
Developed lesson plans for English Language Arts grades six and seven.
Wrote IEP goals and accommodations for students.
Created writing rubrics and graphic organizers for students.
Adapted lessons to reflect reading levels and abilities of students.
Conducted reading and math academic assessments of students.

Special Education Teacher
8/1/2012 ? Present
Beech Elementary School ? Fulton County, GA
Led a team of five faculty members on a special education referral committee.
Supported instruction in the third grade classroom.
Instituted a mathematics manipulatives program for more hands-on learning.
Implemented literacy centers to develop reading skills.
Worked with the general educator to help students reach IEP goals.
Ensured county compliance with all educational plans.
Prepared observation reports for students with behavior intervention plans.
Supervised student teacher interns in developing special education teaching skills.

Bachelor of Science in Special Education
Ultech University, Orange, GA