Call Center Job Resume Writing Tips

When writing a resume, it is necessary to briefly highlight your qualifications for the job you are applying for in such a way as to make your name and your capabilities stand out from potentially hundreds of other applicants. This brevity is never more important than with a call center job resume since that particular field is based on a numbers game. The format of a call center job resume should be short and to the point since this is the way in which this type of job is performed.

Highlight Customer Service and Efficiency for both Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Most call centers are customer service oriented, but employees get graded on the number of calls they are able to successfully handle in the course of a day. In a call center time is of the essence. There are basically two types of positions in this field, and they traditionally handle either incoming or outgoing calls. The focus of this type of resume should reflect the type of position being applied for. In either case, customer service skills and efficiency are a must.

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Key Points to Include for Incoming Call Centers

Generally incoming calls deal with consumers who have a problem or a question. One of the things a potential employer will be looking for is the ability to quickly identify the purpose of a call in order to either handle the call or get it immediately to the appropriate department. Use buzz words such as ‘multi-tasking’ or ‘problem resolution’ whenever possible to get this point across. Any prior work experience in this field will be helpful, but often not necessary. Having the ability to be polite and professional are the main personal characteristics to emphasize.

Sales Experience a Plus for Outgoing Call Centers

Whether or not an outgoing call center is actually selling a tangible product that necessitates money changing hands, the purpose of the call is generally to elicit a positive response from the person receiving the call. In light of this, any sales experience should be highlighted on the call center job resume. Buzz words such as ‘upbeat’ and ‘marketability’ get this point across quite quickly. For an example of how to use similar buzz words it is possible to find a call center job resume sample online. Notice how brief, and to the point this type of resume is.

When dealing with the public in a call center, it is necessary to be polite and sincere but brief and to the point. Your resume should reflect your ability to professionally deal with a wide range of individuals. Since this type of job requires an employee to talk to potentially hundreds of people daily, proper use of the English language is vital. Show the ability to ‘think on your feet’ while getting other tasks done in the background. Any work experience that is customer service and/or sales oriented is vital to include. But above all, since this type of job requires speed and efficiency, a call center job resume needs to be as brief as possible, no more than one page.

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