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There are many available positions for job searchers looking for a position in a clothing retail store. These positions appeal to many different individuals with varying backgrounds due to the flexible schedules, holiday pay, employee discounts, and attainable hiring requirements. Jobs in a retail position are also popular with people who already hold a full-time job, but are looking to supplement their income or fill their available time during evenings and weekends. In order to be a viable candidate for employment, you will want to put together a retail clothing resume.

Retail Experience

The most important and relevant information you can include on your retail clothing resume is your retail experience background. Having past experience working for retail companies will quickly and easily separate you from other applicants that do not have this knowledge; hiring managers will prefer to employ people who can apply their general education from other retail corporations to positions within their firms, as it will likely save them time and money on extensive training costs.

Your most recent or most relevant retail experience should go at the beginning of this section; you should look at how relevant your most recent employment is to the position for which you are applying in order to decide which to list first. For example, if you most recently worked at a grocery store, but a few years ago worked in a women’s clothing boutique, you should list the clothing boutique first because it is more directly related to the retail clothing store position and the responsibilities of the two jobs will more closely mirror one another.

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Customer Service

A huge element of building an effective retail clothing resume is the customer service section. This area of your resume will easily paint a picture to employers of all your customer service experience, whether it was in retail, working at a call center, or dealing with clients in any other capacity. Retail clothing stores are looking for employees with excellent customer service skills and backgrounds, and you will want to show them yours here.

Additional Skills & Notes

Now that you have built the retail experience and customer service segments of your retail clothing resume, the last main section you should include is an area where you can list additional skills. These skills can be almost anything that you think equips you to be a successful and influential employee in the position for which you are applying, for example, personal characteristics such as being engaging, friendly, outgoing and so on are important. If you attended college or university, this is a good section to provide that information.

When building your resume, you should always remember to include any and all retail experience; incorporate the types of customer service activities in which you have been involved; and describe your personal qualities and skills that you believe will enable you to be a effective retail clothing store employee. Although you may now be familiar with the best way to format a resume of this type, there are many good retail clothing resume samples available online which can offer some extra guidance.

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