How to Write a Sample Accepting Letter

It wasn’t that long ago that job applicants simply picked up the phone and accepted a job offer, but many employers now request that you write an acceptance letter. Looking at sample accepting letters is a great way for you to see how others wrote these letters in the past. Sample accepting letters also give you a good format to follow when you write a letter to accept a new job. Writing several sample accepting letters yourself also lets you go over those letters and select which one is perfect for accepting your new job.

What are Sample Accepting Letters? Sample accepting letters are short and straightforward examples of what employers expect from those sending in similar letters. Unlike recommendation letters and other types of letters that contain multiple paragraphs and lots of content, you might notice that sample accepting letters are generally much shorter. Check out several sample accepting letters to see what you should do when you decide to accept a job.

Following the Format of a Sample Accepting Letter When looking at sample accepting letters, you’ll notice that these letter follow the same general format. The date, name of the person who offered you the job, the name of the company, and the company’s address all go at the very top. You will open the letter with a mention of the individual’s name to whom you’re sending the letter and end it with your own signature. Divide the remaining letter into several paragraphs that include:

  • the name of the company, your direct supervisor, and your job title
  • your expected start date
  • your annual salary and any benefits given to you
  • an expression of gratitude for receiving the job
  • your phone number, email address or another way for the individual to contact you

What to Look for in a Sample Accepting Letter When looking at sample accepting letters online, pay attention to both the tone and the format of the letter. Keep things brief and to the point with no more than three paragraphs included in your letter. After looking at sample accepting letters and creating your acceptance letter, turn to our resume builder or to create an improved version of your resume that you may want to include with your acceptance letter.

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