Business Resume Templates

Business resume templatesIn the world of business, you can make your own success and find your own way to the top. There are several paths you can follow with a good business resume and you should plan your career before getting started on your path.

What It’s Like to Work in the Business Field

A career in business is what you make of it. With a good business resume, you can climb the corporate ladder and make a significant income. You can also be a philanthropist and help others. The best part about building a business resume is that it opens doors to just about any opportunity.

Benefits of Working in the Business Field

The most significant benefit of working in the business field is that you get rewarded for hard work. A strong business resume can give you access to a wide variety of options when it comes to the field you choose and the amount of money you can make. When you build a very compelling business resume, you can put yourself in demand and write your own ticket to success.

Why You Need a Resume

In order to climb that ladder of success, you need to have a proven track record. Your business resume becomes the story of your career and it logs all of the pertinent information companies will need to see to hire you. A good business resume highlights your accomplishments, your skills, your successes, and your strengths. Your business resume will be put side by side with many other qualified candidates, so you need to make sure that it stands out and shows off your qualifications.

At Resume-Now, we have the business resume resources you need to create that attention-grabbing set of qualifications. Our business resume examples and templates will allow you to put together the perfect resume and will help you to meet your career goals.

Business Resume Templates

How to write a Business Resume

  1. Start by listing your professional accomplishments – Use scratch paper to jot down your professional accomplishments.
  2. Seek a solid Business resume sample to serve as your guide – Browse through our resume samples to find one that can guide you as you make your own.
  3. Design a header to place at the top of your Business resume – Make a header that includes the following information: your full name, email address, phone number, and personal website (if you have one).
  4. Craft a strong summary statement – Set up a summary statement that encompasses your skills, accomplishments, and a general sense of your professional identity. Review the job description to make sure that you address the company’s needs as well.
  5. List skills – Read the Business job description carefully. Note the preferred and required skills. If you have any of the appointed abilities, include them in this section.
  6. Outline your work history on your resume – Include your relevant past jobs. Provide the company names, your dates of employment, and your title.
  7. Take a deep dive into your Business work history – Add a list under each job that covers your duties and accomplishments. Look over your brainstorm from point #1 to assist with this.  Think about the job description as you decide what to include.
  8. Share your education – Think of the highest degree or diploma you received. Write the name of the degree or diploma you obtained, where you got it, and the year you graduated (or will graduate).