Community and Public Service CV Templates

If you want a position in public service, start by creating a well-written CV. But how will your CV differ from a resume? If you already have a resume, why should you invest time and effort in this new document, and what value can it add to your job search? First, your CV provides a detailed record of your entire job history. And while a resume typically stays the same length throughout your career, your CV will grow as your experience grows, and you can use it as a reference when you need to research or review your background. Second, your CV only changes as your career changes; you don’t need to customize or tailor your document to meet the needs of specific employers. And third, it’s smart to have a CV on file in case an employer specifically requests one. Use these community public service CV templates to guide your steps as you start creating your own profile.

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Community and Public Service CV Templates

Community Service Worker

Social and community services workers coordinate and execute programs that provide social services to the public. It’s important to specify your experience in the non-profit, for-profit, or government sector to illustrate your background.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 10%
• Required education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
• Top skills: Organization and coordination

Community Service Specialist

Specialists in this field often have specific skills to offer, like negotiation, conflict resolution, fundraising or special event planning. Showcase these skills in your CV.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 10%
• Required education: Bachelor’s degree
• Must-have skills: Initiative and personal drive


Pastors attend to the spiritual well-being of their religious congregations, and they sometimes help coordinate the provision of social services. If you want a position as a clergy member, keep these facts in mind:
• Projected job growth until 2024: 8-14%
• Education: Theological training, which may include both bachelor’s and master’s degrees
• Must-have skills: Dedication to personal service

Social Worker

Social workers provide social services to members of the public and help the public navigate through the system. Remember to draw attention to your areas of expertise, such as drug addiction recovery.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 10%
• Critical skills: Administration and service provision
• Education: Bachelor’s degree

Case Manager

Case managers handle the individual concerns of those who require the support of public service programs. These positions require strong administrative and organizational skills and a deep commitment to the role.
• Projected job growth until 2024: 5-10%
• Critical skills: Communication and administrative skills
• Education required: Bachelor’s degree

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What Most Community and Public Service Jobseekers Forget to Include

As you list your skills and core competencies in your community and public service CV, you’ll address your administrative and organizational skills, your ability to multi-task, your commitment to public service, and your ability to help members of the public navigate complex bureaucracies. But don’t forget to document a host of other soft skills that candidates often forget to include. These skills can help set you apart in a crowd and may provide you with a distinct advantage. For example, your software skills, analytical skills, and general leadership capabilities may help you stand out. As you review these community and public service CV templates, you may also notice that some of these fictitious applicants outline their personal as well as professional accomplishments in their profiles. They list their hobbies, activities, and adult educational achievements, and you can too. These details may seem inconsequential, but they can have a powerful impact on your reviewer’s understanding of who you are as a person and what you might have to offer.

Excellent Action Verbs for Your Community and Public Service CV

Your CV can prove your value to employers, but to send a strong and memorable message, you’ll need to choose every word carefully. Start by taking a close look at your verbs. Each of the verbs you use to describe your abilities and past accomplishments should be concrete rather than abstract; also, you should write in the active (not passive) tense. Get rid of weak verbs like was, is, had, and have, and replace them with stronger verbs like these:
• Controlled
• Coordinated
• Implemented
• Staffed
• Managed
• Organized
• Formalized
• Documented
• Tracked
• Monitored
• Supported
• Maintained
• Negotiated
• Taught
• Planned
• Provided

Gain some inspiration and guidance from our collection of community and public service CV templates, and use them for reference as you draft and edit your own document. Remember: small decisions related to language and presentation can have a powerful impact on the length and outcome of your job search.