Free Creative Sports Coach Resume Template

Some sports coach jobs require more creativity than others. For example, many child-centered gyms seek former cheerleaders and children’s entertainers for coaching positions. In other situations, creativity may be exactly what is needed to pull up a slumping team or to keep a high-flying team in the sky. Resumes that showcase your creativity can help you get such positions; review creative resume templates such as the one below. We also have provided a few tips at the end.

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What to Include in a Creative Sports Coach Resume

As you type or pen a creative sports coach resume, remember to use “fun” language. For instance, avoid terms such as “responsible for” (something you should do for any type of resume, but especially for a creative resume). Brainstorm notable ways in which you have been creative in current and past jobs, and use numbers or results when possible to illustrate the success of your approach(es). Base your resume around the areas of skills, work experience and education. For the easiest reading experience possible, take advantage of bullet points to emphasize important information.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Including Volunteer Positions: A lot of sports coaches (or aspiring sports coaches) get experience by volunteering. Do not shy away from including such positions, especially if they are relevant, and they most likely are. In fact, they may be more important to emphasize than paid positions.
  • Bypassing Quirky Details: Common resume advice says to not put personal information on a resume. This remains generally true, but you have more leeway on creative resumes. If you accomplished something notable that relates to the job, include it. For example, hiking the Appalachian Trail or taking a few classes at a clown school shows that you have a lot to share with children for a coaching job at a children’s gym.
  • Forgetting to Proofread: A creative resume can get creative with language and highlights your creative attributes. It should not, however, get “creative” with bad grammar and typos. Ensure that your resume has been vetted before you turn it in.
  • Exaggerating: Exaggeration can come with being creative. Stick to your actual accomplishments; chances are that they speak for themselves just fine.

Resume Content
Brenda Jameson
751 Purple Way, Roanoke, VA 11111
Creative, energetic and reliable children’s entertainer with proven record of using innovative solutions to reach children. Experience in sports such as basketball, softball and volleyball. Excellent communications skills for children, parents and others. Seeking position as coach at children’s gym.
Fun-focused approach in entertaining and coaching children
3 years’ experience as recreational baseball coach, ages 9-11
5 years’ experience as children’s entertainer at parties
Well-versed in wide range of fitness activities such as kayaking, bowling, dance
Seminars on how to inject fun into educating children
Hiked Appalachian Trail from start to end in 2015
Intramural sports in college
Certification in CPR and first aid
Children’s Entertainer
8/1/2011 ? Present
Roanoke, VA
Entertain groups of children at birthday and dance parties.
Use humor and good will to recruit clients.
Adjust approaches in real time to boost audience engagement.
Use physicality to convey humor and possibilities.
Communicate with parents and event organizers.
Schedule and organize appearances.

Volunteer Baseball Coach
3/1/2010 ? 6/1/2013
Roanoke Stars Recreational Club ? Roanoke, VA
Promoted a fun approach to baseball among boys ages 9-11.
Spread the values of good sportsmanship and of trying one’s best.
Gave each player awards such as “Best Throw” and “Best Homerun.”
Engaged parents with fun-centric philosophy; no parent issues.
Shaved head at end of season in exchange for players’ promises to try their best.

Bachelor of Science, Communications, 05/2011
Bayley University, Roanoke, VA