Free Entry Level Chemist Resume Template

Chemistry is a dynamic and competitive field, and those just breaking in may have a hard time landing a job that makes the best use of their skills. The key to crafting a good entry level chemist resume is to highlight the education and experience the applicant has managed to amass. This may require some creative thinking in order to show how previous jobs that are not in the field of chemistry relate to your desired job. Remain confident even in the face of a lack of experience and you will be more likely to land the chemistry job of your dreams.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Chemist Resume

While applicants looking for their first jobs in the field of chemistry may not have a great deal of work experience, they should strive to make their resumes reflect all applicable skills that may make them look like a stronger candidate. An entry level chemist resume should include a discussion of the applicant’s education, as well as any work experience he or she may have. Even if the applicant’s previous jobs were not directly related to the field of chemistry, he or she should strive to highlight skills that are relevant to the position being applied to.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

Be aware of these common mistakes when crafting your resume so that you can be sure to avoid them.

  • Stretching the truth. Never lie about your work experience or duties when writing your resume. In addition, be very careful when reporting dates, GPAs and titles so that you don’t inadvertently report something incorrectly.
  • Hiding your skills. Put your most important skills and abilities in a prominent place. The highlight section near the top of your resume can be a good place for this, but you may also want to reiterate them in the experience or education sections.
  • Neglecting appearance. A polished-looking resume is easier to read and more likely to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Resume Content
Mary Martin
2233 North Street, New York, NY 11111
Enthusiastic recent graduate of the prestigious chemistry program at State University seeking a laboratory position that allows me to take my skills into the real world. Graduated summa cum laude with a master’s degree in organic chemistry. Completed extensive lab work and wrote an original thesis on the chemical makeup of soils in local woodland areas.
Maintained a GPA of 3.8 over six years of undergraduate and graduate study
Completed upwards of 50 hours of lab work
Familiar with several methods of sample analysis including liquid chromatography and gas chromatography
Took field samples and maintained a sterile environment
Friendly and respectful to teachers, supervisors and fellow students
Skilled at note taking and independent research
Willing to learn, with an abiding interest in all aspects of the field of chemistry
8/1/2015 ? 5/1/2016
Scientific Laboratories Incorporated ? Syracuse, NY
Took inventory of lab equipment
Followed safety and security procedures accurately when handling hazardous material
Worked closely with experienced chemists and earth scientists
Cleaned and sanitized lab equipment
Assisted with experiments
Measured and mixed compounds for experienced chemists
Established a mentor relationship with laboratory manager
Assisted in the writing of technical reports

Teaching Assistant
8/1/2013 ? 5/1/2015
State University ? Syracuse, NY
Taught undergraduate chemistry classes and supervised labs
Graded assignments and analyzed student conclusions
Designed experiments for young students
Maintained productive relationships with other teachers and scientists

Bachelor and Master in Organic Chemistry
State University, New York, NY