Free Entry Level Sports Coach Resume Template

When you write an entry level sports coach resume, the areas you emphasize depend on your background. For example, if you have much playing experience in a certain sport but no coaching experience, you could emphasize the playing experience and positions such as team captainships. It can be difficult to write such a resume, so reviewing templates is a great way to start. You can read the sample free entry level sports coach resume below and look over the tips outlined after the example resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Sports Coach Resume

As you write an entry level sports coach resume, emphasize your assets. You may feel like your resume is skimpy because you do not have much work experience. The trick is to focus on the things you do have to offer, be they volunteer work, transferable skills, playing time, classes and seminars. Just remember that no resume is one-size-fits all, so use your specific background to determine the areas of focus. To make the job easier for the person who will read your resume, use bullet points to emphasize important information.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Thinking Volunteer Work Does Not Count: For entry level resumes, especially sports coach positions where volunteer work is common, it is a mistake to think you should not list such positions. List them. The best positions would probably be in the sport you want to coach, but list anything that is relevant. This goes for part-time work, too. Ideally, you will demonstrate some type of work experience.
  • Skipping the Proofreading: Entry level does not mean you get a pass on issues such as grammar and typos. Your resume should be as polished as any other resume type.
  • Including Too Much Information: Your t-ball playing years do not belong on a resume. Nor does the fact that a relative of yours is a well-known coach or player. However, if you served in a capacity such as bat boy or locker room assistant for that relative, that could be good information to include under work experience or in the highlights section.
  • Listing High School Details: Avoid listing high school information in your education section unless that is the only type of education you have and is relatively recent.

Resume Content
Robert Ballard
378 Green Acres Road, Roanoke, VA 11111
Skilled and reliable four-year starting pitcher for University of Roanoke Division III baseball team. Excellent leadership skills and thorough knowledge of area sports. Pursuing degree in sport leadership and management. Seeking baseball coach position or coaching internship for recreational club.
Exemplary knowledge of baseball at all levels
Southwest Virginia Athletic Conference (SVAC) Pitcher of the Week, five times
SVAC Player of the Month, two times
B.S. in progress in Sport Leadership and Management, 3.8 GPA
Courses on coaching and motivating diverse types of players
Team captainships in high school and college for basketball and baseball
Baseball volunteer assistant coach position two summers in a row
Deep knowledge of Roanoke-area athletics
Great communicator
Reliable and dedicated
Well-versed in CPR and first aid
Starting Pitcher
8/1/2013 ? Present
University of Roanoke ? Roanoke, VA
Pitch two games a week on average.
Serve as a team leader to motivate and rally players.
Communicate with coaches and players to do what is best for the team.
Work with coaches to enhance pitching, fielding and batting skills.
Improved win-loss record as a pitcher from 3-5 in first year to 8-1 in senior year.

Assistant Baseball Coach
6/1/2010 ? 8/1/2012
Roanoke Stars Recreational Club ? Roanoke, VA
Helped head coach spread sportsmanship and a love of baseball.
Worked with diverse set of boys ages 10-13.
Communicated with parents and fans to keep baseball fun.
Worked with players in strengths and areas of growth.
Coordinated and led many practices and games.

Bachelor of Science, Sport Leadership and Management, Expected 05/2017
University of Roanoke, Roanoke, VA