Physical Therapist Resume Samples

Physical Therapist Sample Resumes

How to write a Physical Therapist Resume

Physical therapy resumes should show areas worked in, such as sports or geriatrics, and ways in which you added value in the workplace. A good physical therapist resume will be specifically customized to the job application at hand, shaping work experience around the job advertisement to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job. Think about client service as well as technical results to ensure the best chance of getting an interview. The structure demonstrated in the sample physical therapist resume below can be used for all types of physical therapy positions. Searching online can return other physical therapist resume samples that ideas may be gleaned from. However, your physical therapist resume should follow the outline detailed below:

Contact Details

All physical therapist resumes should detail contact information at the top of the page. List your full name and your home and cell phone numbers. Also include an email address that you check regularly and your home address. Students can include their university address also.


Those physical therapist candidates with little experience (less than a few years in the workplace) might put in an objective. A good sample physical therapist resume will state what you hope to achieve with your resume, as in this example:

Certified sports injuries specialist with two years proven experience reeducating muscles at private clinic seeks job with increased responsibility.

This part of your resume is where the employers eye will naturally fall, so it needs to be impressive and stand out. Here weve used €œcertified€ and €œtwo years proven experience€. This demonstrates that you are qualified, you have experience and you have ambition and the drive to succeed.


A physical therapist resume sample for more experienced candidates should have a profile rather than an objective. Profiles consist of four concise sentences that draw attention to the candidates key experience and skills. Experienced sample physical therapist resumes may have profiles like this:

Versatile physical therapist, certified in XXXXXXX state with five years of experience in outpatient centers. Motivated individual specialized in sports injuries. Team leader with ability to make patients feel at ease, improving recovery rates. Multi-tasker with ability to juggle high work volumes while maintaining a quality service across the board.

The profile above in this sample physical therapist resume demonstrates the use of keywords and keyword phrases in your profile to improve the odds your resume being found in a job website search. Here sample phrases might be €œsports injuries€ or €œcertified in XXXXXXX state€. Knowing that your profile commands the most important spot on your physical therapist resume, you should ensure that you make it suitably impressive. Use action verbs in your sentences for a more powerful and lasting impression.

Physical Therapist Education

Physical therapist applicants will have qualifications and certifications specifically relevant to the job€”make these so that they are clearly identifiable among the rest. High grades or awards should be included. List your education in reverse chronological order and start with the most recent. Detail out subject/s studied, educational institutes attended and their location, dates of graduation, any other professional qualifications achieved.

Physical Therapist Work Experience

As with your education section, this part of your physical therapist resume must be detailed in a reverse order chronologically. Your task with this critical section is to detail achievements (not just responsibilities) that demonstrate that you have more to offer to the job than other applicants. For more specialized positions youll need to include greater detail. It is important to concentrate also on the softer side of a physical therapist resume. If you can demonstrate excellence in patient care youll be doing a better job than someone who leaves this out. Our sample physical therapist resume recommends bullets like this:

  • Selected as part of a team of twenty qualified physical therapists to travel with the Olympic Team and work on their injuries during the competition.

A leadership role in physical therapy should list supervisory or management experience in their physical therapist resumes.  Action verbs can be used to best demonstrate you in the most positive light.


Those who have left their studies in the past several months can include relevant activities on their physical therapist resume. This adds some strength to, and consolidates work experience. Include voluntary work, internships and awards in this area. Senior physical therapist professionals should list professional association membership, or perhaps voluntary work or leadership positions held in the community. Again, use action verbs work best here.


Keywords and phrases need to be carefully included in your physical therapist resume. This will help your resume to show up in searches performed on job websites. Examine the job advertisement for the specific words and phrases to include for each job. A good sample physical therapist resume will be sure to include these, relevant to the job in question, and work them in a few times, for greater effect.

This example resume illustrates the best method for approaching the writing of physical therapist resumes. Those still at school may be able to get hold of sample physical therapist resumes from careers centers, to get additional useful ideas and hints. From this page you can find sample resumes to get you started.

Physical Therapist Resume Samples