Paralegal Resume Sample

Becoming a paralegal was difficult enough, but finding a good job to make use of that degree is another challenge. You face fierce competition from peers who have the same drive, keenness, and experience as you, so you need a way to stand apart from the crowd. A strong resume will demonstrate to potential employers that you have all the necessary skills required to be a hardworking employee.

Utilizing our paralegal resume sample can make it easier to create your own resume because it demonstrates good practices that employers look for when reviewing these documents. The included writing tips give you helpful notes in case you are stuck on a certain section of your resume and need assistance to make it sound more professional. For additional help, refer to our resume builder tool.

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Casey Smith

Professional Summary

Organized and efficient Paralegal with strong oral and written communication skills and a deep understanding of legal terminology. Experienced in assisting lawyers in drafting legal documents, preparing for court cases and researching similar cases that occurred in recent years. Additional experience in communicating with and assisting clients.

Core Qualifications

  • Legal Terminology
  • California Legal Statues
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Communicating with Clients
  • Researching Legal Topics
  • Willing to Travel

Work Experience

Paralegal, May 2013 – May 2015
Cooper & Cooper Personal Injury Attorneys – Los Angeles, CA

  • Researched the backgrounds of clients and others involved in the case and presented those findings to attorneys
  • Responsible for attending preliminary meetings with clients to discuss their cases and recording those meetings for lawyers in the firm
  • Filed copies of legal documents and lawsuits in the office files and with local courthouses
  • Attended courtroom proceedings to write down notes and record those proceedings
  • Developed a strong understanding regarding the statue of limitations and other regulations regarding personal injury cases in California

Paralegal, June 2012 – April 2013
Edwards, Smith & Smith Associates – New Cityland, CA

  • Traveled across the city and state to meet with potential clients and discuss their cases with licensed attorneys
  • Visited the courthouse and local libraries to research similar cases after taking on new clients
  • Assisted lawyers in drafting documents for clients and preparing documents for court
  • Helped find proof and evidence designed to support cases and assist clients
  • Responsible for going over questions and other information with clients before court cases


2012 Associate of Science, Paralegal Studies
New Cityland Community College – New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good Paralegal Resume Sample?

Starting your resume with a professional summary is good practice because it allows the reader to understand what makes you a valuable employee as the first thing he or she sees. Written well, this section entices the reader and invites him or her to keep reading the resume. Hiring managers spend mere seconds looking at each resume, so you want a strong start that will hook them and make them want to read more. Like this paralegal resume sample, keep the summary statement at three brief but explanatory sentences that do not overwhelm the reader.

Hopefully, you hook the reader with your summary statement, and he or she goes on to see your qualifications section. This section is where the reader gets to see what your greatest strengths are and what makes you a strong employee. You want to present this information in a bulleted list with no fewer than six but no more than eight statements, as in our paralegal resume sample.

The bulk of your resume should be in the work experience section, where you demonstrate to the reader what you do or did in your current and past jobs to help improve the overall business. This can be how you assisted clients, colleagues, or superiors, as well as what you did above and beyond your expected duty as a paralegal. Keep the duties and responsibilities in a bulleted list and include approximately five bullets under each occupation to maintain simplicity and legibility. You want to inform the reader, but you do not want to list every tiny bit of information you can think of.

The education section is simple unless you recently graduated. Include year of graduation, title of degree, and school from which you obtained the degree. You can include honors if you received any upon graduation, but what is most important is that you have certification to do the job.

Why You Need a Strong Paralegal Resume

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate for paralegal jobs is 8 percent by 2024. This growth rate is the average rate for all occupations, so although it is growing, it isn’t growing by a great deal. Many newcomers will be coming onto the scene trying to get paralegal jobs as soon as the job listing is available, so you need a strong resume to give you a competitive edge.

Employers want employees who not only have the right qualifications but who also sound qualified in their resumes. Using the paralegal resume sample can help you design your own resume into a document that wows potential employers.

Costly Paralegal Resume Mistakes To Avoid

There are basic resume mistakes to avoid, like using improper grammar or spelling, or by listing an unprofessional sounding email address in your contact information. In addition to these general writing rules, however, there are more specific errors you do not want to make when creating your resume.

Since paralegals spend most of their time either with clients and lawyers or researching cases, it is vital not to forget to include interpersonal skills throughout your resume. It would be unwise not to mention how accustomed you are working with people or how much you enjoy working with people, as this could hurt your chances. Employers want to see that you work well with others, since that is a big part of your job as a paralegal. You also cannot fail to mention your research abilities, as you assist lawyers in developing cases by researching the cases. Following our paralegal resume sample helps you avoid costly mistakes like these by showing you good practices of resume writing.


A great resume requires attention to detail and understanding necessary components of writing a resume. In a job market with a lower projected growth rate, you need a resume that impresses readers right off the bat and encourages them to keep reading, ideally leading to an interview. Our paralegal resume sample offers a guideline for you to use to refine your own resume.