Free Creative Banking Resume Template

When it comes to writing a creative banking resume, you will want to utilize every ounce of creativity and ingenuity that you can muster. If you are having difficulty writing a resume, the creative banking resume template below will help you get started. You should only write a creative style resume if you are applying to a cutting-edge company or a business that values nontraditional employees. Unlike the more traditional resume formats, the resume below will use more hip, up-to-date language that showcases the applicant’s personality a bit more. If you still need guidance, take advantage of the tips listed below the template.

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What to Include in a Creative Banking Resume

When writing a creative banking resume, be professional, but remember to include elements of your personality. Your career summary is the perfect place to show what makes you different from the other candidates. Try to make your resume stand out, and avoid using trite and bland language. Be sure to place a high amount of emphasis on your career history, education, and highlights.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Dishonesty: No one wants to hire a dishonest employee, and lying is the quickest way to dash your chances of getting the job. Only provide information that can be verified.
  • Writing an Objective: Instead of a plain objective, write a career summary at the top of your resume. Employers already know that your objective is to find a job.
  • Misspelled Words and Grammatical Errors: Proofread your resume before you submit it to a job. Very few employers will reach out to you if they see your resume riddled with elementary grammatical errors and misspelled words.
  • Too Formal: Creative resumes should utilize a bit of artistry and creativity. Avoid using boring or run-of-the-mill wording when writing one.

Resume Content
Julia Shaw
2398 West Hills Way, Burbank, CA 11111
Creative and innovative banking professional with a strong desire to put a smile on the face of clients. Extensive experience in the commercial banking industry with a proven history of fostering memorable and pleasant financial transactions for clients. Capable of guiding clients towards the right financial goals and choices. Prepared to employ remarkable and dynamic skills in a new and rewarding bank setting.
Tried and true experience in fund management and financial advising.
Knowledge of basic tax laws and regulations.
Proficient at selling financial products such as credit cards, loans, and bank accounts to customers.
Able to handle large sums of money and foreign currencies.
Exceptional organizational skills.
Thorough understanding of the loan application process.
Ability to foster strong bonds with clients of all ages and backgrounds.
Superb time-management skills.
Commercial Banker
Chase Manhattan ? New York, NY
9/1/2010 ? 5/1/2016

Provided ample, amiable investment advice to clients.
Assisted clients with choosing the right credit cards, loans, and other financial products for their personal and professional situations.
Enjoyed forming lasting relationships with affluent clients.
Opened and closed accounts for small and mid-sized businesses.
Comprehensively answered confused customer inquiries regarding the loan process.
Compiled and proficiently interpreted massive amounts of financial data.

Entry-Level Banker
Bank of America ? Pasadena, CA
2/1/2007 ? 7/1/2010
Effectively managed branch’s cash flow.
Gave clients scrupulous advice about specific products and services.
Handled any manner of investment inquiries and referrals.
Helped clients from all walks of life create concrete and attainable financial goals.
Assisted senior bankers with projects and presentations.

Senior Teller Supervisor
Bank of America ? Los Angeles, CA
4/1/1999 ? 12/1/2006
Mastered a wide range of financial transactions.
Conscientiously maintained a 99% balancing accuracy rate.
Promoted apropos financial products to customers during transactions.
Helped customers activate credit and debit cards.
Ably carried out fund transfers.
Bachelor of Science in Economics
California State University, North Ridge, CA