Free Creative Dancer Resume Template

When you’re a dancer, sometimes you’ll need to do everything you can to stand out. Now that you’ve picked your music and audition piece, its time to give your resume a revamp. The creative resume template is an excellent choice if your potential employer likes modern art and doesn’t believe in business casual. With this resume, feel free to use more creative language and even break out your thesaurus. Read more below to gain a deeper understanding of this sample.

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What to Include in a Creative Dancer Resume

For the creative resume template, you can drop the pretense of that “stuffy” professional attitude. Allow yourself to have a little fun with your words and try to make your resume engaging. Remember to keep your resume focused on your skills and experience. You should include the above sections as a minimum for your resume. You may want to include an achievements section or format your skills differently. As long as you provide relevant information in a quality format, feel free to modify the above sample.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unnecessary Information: Before you write anything down, ask yourself if it’s truly relevant to your potential dancing position. Leave hobbies and the like out of your resume and save that information for the interview.
  • Lack of Confidence: Whether you’re just getting back out there or an entry-level dancer, present yourself with a confident attitude. Stay positive and highlight your most compelling professional merits.
  • No Focus: Because you get more space to have fun with this resume, it can be easy to lose focus. Remember, your resume is designed to get you an interview and catch a potential employer’s attention. Highlight your skills and experience first and foremost.
  • No Keywords: Employers are always on the lookout for new talent, so include the keywords they are likely to search for. As an example, an entry-level dancer should include “entry-level” in his or her resume.
  • Including References: Past resume standards asked for references, but today, they warrant a separate document. Only give out your separate references document when specifically asked.
  • Burying Important Information: If you’re applying to a hip hop company and you don’t mention your hip hop skills until the end, you’ve buried strong professional merits. Give your most compelling experience and skills a prime location on your resume.

Resume Content
Daniel Douglas
17 Ferry Street, Boston, MA 11111
Artistic and lively Dancer with five years of professional performance experience and broad range of modern dance skills. Multi-talented dancer familiar with production management and strong choreography skill set. Seeking exciting performance position with lively entertainment company.
Hip Hop
Strong gymnast
Excellent Choreographer
Production Management
Dancer and Assistant Choreographer
1/1/2014 ? 1/1/2016
Pump It Entertainment ? Houston, MA
Collaborated with Head Choreographer on regular performance routines.
Taught choreography and supervised practices with specialized dance groups.
Performed a wide variety of dance routines based in contemporary ballet, jazz and acrobatics.
Coordinated with costume department for fittings and costume designs for upcoming stage productions.

1/1/2011 ? 12/1/2013
XYZ Contemporary Dance ? Topeka, NJ
Danced as a principal for regular season shows.
Traveled with company dancers across country during performance season for shows.
Aided in production management and advertising for winter season shows.
Coordinated with costume department to negotiate fittings and costume ideas for current shows.

1/1/2008 ? 12/1/2010
567 Dance Company ? Orlando, MI•Danced in the company’s choir for first year. •Featured in two company shows with short solos during performances. •Maintained clean practice rooms and mirrors. •Attended optional choreography lessons with company elders
Bachelors in Dance Performance and Choreography
Maple Tree College of the Arts, Maple, MA