Free Executive Digital Marketing Manager Resume Template

To make the job offers come to you, you’ll need an excellent executive digital marketing manager resume that fully showcases your professional merit and experience. The executive resume template below gives you a better understanding of what’s expected for this type of resume. When you have 20 years or more of experience, this is the template you want to use because of its professional tone and language.

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What to Include in an Executive Digital Marketing Manager Resume

For this resume, you should highlight your most recent and relevant experience. Be careful to also showcase the length of your career to add professional credibility. Keep your language clean and professional. Above all else, make sure you proofread very carefully because even small typos can slow your professional momentum. These sections are a great baseline for what you should include, but if you find you need an extra section, include it.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Dishonesty: Don’t overstate your role in a project or company, and avoid any outright falsehoods. An honest statement of your professional merits will ensure smooth sailing down the road.
  • Using References: Only provide reference information if explicitly asked. Keep these details on a separate document in case your interviewer asks for them.
  • No Bullet Use: While paragraphs look official, bullet points are easier to scan quickly. Plus, they economize on space so you can fully showcase your professional abilities.
  • Filler Statements: When a bullet or word isn’t needed, leave it out. If you have great information, even a short resume is capable of outweighing another.
  • Mention of Hobbies: Interests outside your professional work are great to talk about at the water cooler or in an interview. However, they take up valuable space in a resume that you can use for more pertinent information.
  • Lack of Keywords: At the executive level, you can expect recruiters to look for resumes like yours and reach out. Include industry keywords to increase the chances of your resume being in the top search results.

Resume Content
Margaret Jordan
1500 Maple Drive, New York City, NY 11111
Skilled Digital Marketing Manager capable of transforming unknown brands into industry authorities with well-directed media campaigns. Highly developed knowledge of past and current social media trends as well as search engine optimization principles. Seeking senior marketing management position at established consulting agency with forward-thinking mindset.
Basic coding knowledge: HTML & CSS
Google AdWords certified
Bing Ads certified
Knowledge of UX design
Proficient in SEO implementation
Exceptional research abilities
Proficient in all major social media platforms
Digital Marketing Director
1/1/2013 ? 6/1/2016
A100 Technology ? New York City, NY
Managed marketing department of 100 while ensuring project schedule was met with quality.
Collaborated with senior marketers to build effective campaigns for A100’s latest products and upgrades.
Researched industry news and competitors regularly to keep pace with market trends.
Prepared reports on expected campaign outcomes based on test groups, current market climate and past performances of similar campaigns.
Hired entry-level, junior and senior marketers for the department and small teams as needed.

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
7/1/2011 ? 3/1/2013
Garner & Garner Consultancy ? Elizabeth Town, Indiana
Managed team of 12 junior marketers and trained them for advanced work.
Researched current state of client’s online presence using Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, consumer surveys and test groups.
Advised clients on most effective next steps for the overall brand and individual campaigns.
Consistently reached out to new clients and built company’s professional network.
Secured three Fortune 500 companies as regular clients with retainer fees and regular brand management.
Masters of Marketing and Communications
Columbia, New York City, NY
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Columbia, New York City, NY