Free Professional Dancer Resume Template

Do you have close to two decades of experience in the dance field? If you’re looking for employment, you’ll need a resume that showcases your full professional merits and experience. The professional resume template is perfect for dancing professionals with extensive experience. The template focuses on highlighting your skills and merits as well as economizing the space. Read on to learn more about this resume style.

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What to Include in a Professional Dancer Resume

Since you have extensive experience in the dance world, you may find that you have to pick and choose what to fit into your resume. Make sure to highlight your skills and experience that are most relevant to your current application. The above sections will help you get started organizing your resume. However, you may need an Accomplishments section or another section to properly organize your resume. If you choose to add a section, make sure the information is relevant to the job posting.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Untailored Information: If you are applying to lots of jobs, you’ll need to tailor your resume to fit the position. Potential employers will sense a general template, so take a few extra minutes to personalize your resume for application.
  • Length: Your resume should not exceed two pages in length. Normally, resumes should stick to one page, but with your experience, two pages may be needed to accurately capture your skills.
  • Burying Important Credentials: What are your most compelling credentials for this application? Make sure you highlight these important experiences and skills. They should be the most memorable parts of your resume.
  • Dishonesty: Do not exaggerate or lie on your resume. State your experience as is to secure a position that lines up with your capabilities. Plus, you never know when your employer will ask for references.
  • Lack of Bullets: Whenever you can, use bullets. They economize your space and help you create an easy-to-scan document. Many employers quickly scan resumes, so make it easy to get information from yours quickly.
  • Typos: Small mistakes are easy to make, but they are also easy to catch. Always take an extra minute to read over your resume and ensure there are no missed periods and misspelled words.

Resume Content
Jill Jackson
123 Sunny Dew Drive, Jackson, CO 11111
Experienced Dance Instructor with 20 years of experience teaching students of all ages and 10 years in a university setting. Excellent ability to break down dances into learnable sections and lead in a studio environment. Strong choreographer with modern and classical influences. Seeking employment as a high-level dance instructor at an institution dedicated to developing strong contemporary dancers.
Classical and Modern Ballet
Excellent Choreographer
Contemporary Techniques
Dance Instructor
1/1/2014 ? 1/1/2016
Tabernacle Arts University ? Jackson, CO
Collaborated with fellow instructors and department chairs to devise curriculum for the dance department.
Taught classical and modern ballet classes at the advanced level.
Taught advanced choreography classes for the university’s MFA dance students.

Dance Instructor
1/1/2011 ? 12/1/2013
Pine Tree College of Fine Arts ? New York, NY
Choreographed students’ expeditions and the department’s biannual show.
Coached Pine Tree’s collegiate dance team to two national championships.
Created free youth summer dance camp for elementary school children in the Pine Tree area.
Taught jazz, tap and ballet to students of all levels.

Dance Instructor
1/1/2008 ? 12/1/2010
Stars Hallow College of the Arts ? Stars Hallow, CT
Collaborated with department heads and teachers to establish new university dance and choreography curriculum.
Maintained accurate attendance records for all classes.
Attended optional professional development workshops in the dance department.
Taught modern dance choreography to upperclassmen.
Bachelors in Dance
Chilton Academy of the Arts, Stars Hallow, CT