Phlebotomist Resume Sample

The first step to finding employment as a phlebotomist is creating a professional, engaging, and well-written resume that details your experience, achievements, and education in the field. Proper formatting and including the right information is crucial for writing a resume that keeps hiring managers interested. Looking at a sample such as our phlebotomist resume sample helps you to decide which information to include and the correct order. Our resume writing best practices help you to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes. If you still feel a little unsure, there is no need to worry. You can always check out our resume builder as well.

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Jane Harrison

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Licensed Phlebotomist trained in calming patient fears and helping them feel more relaxed while getting their blood drawn. Adept at ensuring patient information is correct, capable of entering information into a computer system and using the proper tools for drawing blood in different medical facilities.

Core Qualifications

  • Licensed and certified
  • Empathetic and strong communicator
  • Capable of drawing blood with minimal pain
  • Trained in working with adults and children
  • Highly organized
  • Experience using needles, syringes and other equipment


Phlebotomist, July 2012 – January 2015
New Cityland Community Hospital, New Cityland, CA

  • Followed doctors’ orders to draw the right amount of blood for sending to the lab
  • Responsible for checking the information on the file against each patient for accuracy
  • Transported vials and samples from the phlebotomy department to the lab
  • Soothed patients fears before and after drawing their blood
  • Worked with patients ranging from babies to the elderly

Phlebotomist, May 2010 – June 2012
Los Angeles Diagnostic Testing, Los Angeles, CA

  • Responsible for checking in patients sent to the center by hospitals and doctors
  • Prepared and maintained syringes and other equipment necessary for drawing blood
  • Explained the process to patients to help them feel calmer
  • Entered patient information into the center’s computer system
  • Followed state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality


2010, University of California, New Cityland, CA
Certificate in Phlebotomy

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Why Is This a Good Phlebotomist Resume Sample?

Of course, if you look at a sample to help you write your resume, it must be a good one. This phlebotomist resume sample is an excellent one for several reasons. It begins with a strong professional summary statement that mentions the applicant’s job title, her primary job duty, and a strong personality skill, which is the ability to calm patients. A second sentence mentions several other prominent skills that give a well-rounded overview of the applicant’s abilities.

In the next section, the applicant provides a short bullet list of her core qualifications. She did an excellent job of providing a list of hard and soft skills and made sure to mention that she is licensed and certified, two vital pieces of information for any phlebotomist’s resume. The list is short enough to be easy to skim but long enough to be well-rounded.

The applicant in this phlebotomist resume sample also creates a thorough work experience section. She starts by listing her job title, the company she worked at, its location, and the dates she worked for it, which are some of the first things a hiring manager searches for on a resume. She rounds out each job listing with five bullet points describing the applicant’s duties and accomplishments at her previous place of employment. Most of them begin with a strong action verb, which is preferable to “responsible for” and similar phrases. There is also a good mix of bullets that show skills with patients, knowledge of laws, and knowledge of computer software and medical equipment.

The final section of the sample resume is the education section. This applicant keeps it succinct, which is what hiring managers prefer. She simply states the type of certificate she earned, when she earned it, where she earned it, and the location of the school.

Why You Need a Strong Phlebotomist Resume

Most jobs in the medical field are growing faster than average, and with an expected 25 percent growth rate between now and 2024, phlebotomy is no exception. Of course, a growing job market means more people will be interested in the field, so competition will still be fierce. You’ll need a strong resume that stands out from dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. When writing your resume, take a cue from the phlebotomist resume sample by putting the most important information in the first sentence of your summary and in the first two or three bullet points of your core qualifications. Most hiring managers only look at a resume for six seconds, so you need to make a great impression fast.

Costly Phlebotomist Resume Mistakes To Avoid

In addition to taking guidance from the phlebotomist resume sample, it is important to remember a few more tips as you write your resume. Hiring managers like to see quantitative information and solid achievements, so always include any number-based accomplishments you have or mention any awards you’ve won. Because phlebotomy requires a license and certification, it is also necessary to mention this on your resume. Do your best to avoid gaps between your education and work in your work history. Don’t forget, you can round out this information with related volunteer work or internships if you don’t have enough paid work.

However, it is important not to go into too much detail. Only provide information relevant to your position. Avoid listing extracurricular activities or memberships that don’t relate to your field and never talk about your political or religious views on a resume. Finally, always remember to use an easy-to-read font and basic black and white design on a professional resume.


As you can see by reading over the phlebotomist resume sample, a strong and professional resume is of vital importance if you wish to gain employment. You can create your own well-written document by following these tips and tricks, modeling it after the sample, and if you need extra help, checking out the resume builder. These tools will help you get started on the path to a career you love.