Sports Resume Templates

Sports resume templatesWhat It’s Like to Work in the Sports Field

Sports aren’t all multi-million dollar contracts and sports agents that seek you out. Not everyone has to be a sought-after and publicized pro. Sports are about engaging and staying active, living healthier, and having a good time. It’s about being guided by professionals that ensure you play, you win, and you stay safe.

For a sports resume, you want to show hiring managers that you have the experience, background, and training in therapy, instruction, counseling, coaching, or other specialties to help others participate in athletics. Careers in sports can be inspiring and frustrating. But the sports resume will demonstrate the candidate is an even-tempered professional who can help others embrace their wins and overcome their losses.

In this arena, sports doesn’t necessarily refer to players. It includes coaches, trainers, assistants, program directors, bookkeepers, and more.

Benefits of Working in the Sports Field

Professionals in the field need a sports resume that shows that they are comfortable working with people. After all, candidates should be excellent educators and motivators, always inspiring others to do their best. The sports resume will highlight the candidate has the appropriate training, education, and certificates in their field. This is going to be a priority to hiring managers, as their organizations are responsible for the physical wellbeing of anyone participating in company programs. They want only the most qualified candidates on their team.

One great aspect of the sports field is flexibility. It’s populated with part timers, full timers, and freelancers. It makes for an excellent second or weekend job, giving candidates the opportunity for another stream of income and perhaps growth in a new career.

Why You Need a Resume

The only way to begin gaining a hiring manager’s trust is with a strong and well-constructed sports resume. Hiring managers cannot know you have the experience and talent to motivate others if the sports resume doesn’t impress with all the right credentials.

Sports Resume Templates

How to write a Sports Resume

  1. Begin by brainstorming your achievements – Take a piece of scratch paper. Make a list of your achievements.
  2. Look at Sports resume samples for reference – Check out our Sports resume samples to gain insight into the process.
  3. Write a header and place it at the top of your Sports resume – Your header should include your name, phone number, email address, and personal website (if you have one). Make it professional, but attractive.
  4. Make a direct summary statement that focuses on the company’s wants – Create a concise summary statement that covers the following: your areas of expertise, most important skills, and a general sense of your career. Make sure your statement aligns with the job description.
  5. List skills – Provide a list of your talents in your Sports resume. Check the job description to make sure the skills you mentioned align with those the employer wants. Place it under your summary statement.
  6. Spell out your experience in a work history section on your Sports resume – List the jobs you’ve had in reverse chronological order. Write the dates you worked, the position you held, and the name of the company.
  7. Give an in-depth look at your Sports work history – Go back to the list you created in step one. Using this, make a short list of your responsibilities and successes  at each job. Relate it to the needs expressed in the job description.
  8. Share your education – Put your degree on your Sports resume. Write the date, degree obtained, and institution where you received your highest degree. If you don’t have a degree, include a diploma and any relevant certifications.