Free Entry Level Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Template

If you’ve recently gotten a college degree in your hands, you may be looking for your first professional job. Your best tool to unlock great jobs for new graduates is a well-written entry level resume. If you plan on looking for work as an insurance claims adjuster, you can mold your resume into an effective job search tool. Focus on the skills you learned throughout your education and part-time employment. These details, along with other parts of your resume, can help you get quickly hired.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume

Getting your first real job after college is a process that can be frustrating. It’s important to make sure your resume isn’t hindering your job search. Ensure that you’ve spent the right amount of time writing the most effective entry level resume for your insurance claims adjuster career goals. A human resources department is looking for specific skills that claims adjusters must have to be successful. You can show that you have these skills by listing things such as highlights, education and your limited career experience. Try to find experiences you’ve had that are related to the duties an insurance claims adjuster completes each day. This can help you find the right job at a much faster rate than is typical.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unrelated Jobs or Experiences: The challenge with an entry level resume is that you must include experience that is related to the work. Don’t just settle for random part-time job experience that has nothing to do with what insurance claims adjusters do.
  • Spelling Mistakes: One of the worst things you can do for your resume is leave it full of spelling errors. Don’t simply rely on spellcheck to find all mistakes; you must also review it.
  • Listing References: Don’t include a section in your resume listing references of college professors or friends. This is generally unnecessary for today’s workplace setting.
  • Ineffective Word Choice: For job duties and experiences, stick with strong and concrete language. Don’t use weak verbs or boring nouns to describe your accomplishments.

Resume Content
Antonia Trellis
99 Wynoak Way Baton Rouge, LA 11111
College graduate with interest in insurance claims work. Record of success in all endeavors. Strong work ethic and focus on the small details. Excited to begin career in investigative work. Searching for an entry level position as an insurance claims adjuster.
Studied business and finance
Treasurer in sorority
Received full scholarship to college
Understanding of complex terminology
Ability to adapt to new situations
Persistent and determined
Committed to delivering top customer service
Great listening skills
Teamwork ability
Strength in public speaking and written communication
Ready to learn
Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
Able to problem solve
Strong critical thinker
Part-Time Customer Service Representative
6/1/2014 ? 1/1/2016
Diverse Real Estate Holdings ? Baton Rouge, LA
Answered calls on a switchboard system for a real estate business.
Forwarded customers to the appropriate individual.
Communicated with customers in a pleasant manner.
Worked with management to develop policies for common phone situations.
Composed emails and messages to customers thanking them for their business.
Sent additional correspondence to customers as needed.

Claims Processor Intern
1/1/2016 ? Present
Keritell Insurance ? Baton Rouge, LA
Assisted a claims processor with historically troublesome claims.
Learned basic insurance policy regulatory information.
Exposed to different types of paperwork and filing systems for claims.
Typed investigation reports using data sheets from adjusters.
Answered calls from policy holders and interacted in a positive manner.
Identified possible red flags when analyzing various sample cases.
Organized materials for older claims’ files.
Met with management to discuss weekly goals and strategies.

Bachelor of Science in Finance
Graduated with a 4.00 GPA
Taylor University, New Orleans, LA