Free Professional Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Template

If you’ve decided that you need a change in your job as an insurance claims adjuster, you can find opportunities at one of the most prestigious insurance companies with a professionally written resume. Those who are armed with a resume written in a professional style can be taken more seriously. It’s also a great way to help market yourself as a top candidate for claims adjusting work. It’s easy to make sure your resume fits the pattern needed for this style. Here is how you can start revising your resume for a more effective format.

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What to Include in a Professional Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume

Positioning yourself as a top candidate for an insurance claims adjuster job means making your resume shine. Work with your most impressive accomplishments, skills, education credentials and work experience to develop descriptions that work for a professional document. After a quick read, a hiring manager may decide if you seem right for the job. Sometimes, your resume may have to make it through a computer program or human resources department. Either way, it’s important to be concise and clear in your language. This approach could help you get employment with one of the most powerful insurance organizations.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Colorful Text and Pictures: In a professional work environment, resumes must be in black and white and contain simple text. Avoid adding pictures or colorful parts to this vital document.
  • Ignoring Readability: Because a resume is designed to be read quickly, you’ve got to set it up to be easily read. That means using bullets, lists, numbers or other text features that stand out to the hiring manager.
  • Too Short: While most people agree that a resume should consist of one page, be sure to fill that page up with information. If your resume falls short, it could get tossed in the reject pile.
  • Unorganized: Your text organization is just as important as what you say. Stick with an easy-to-follow chronological order for your education and job entries. This can help an employer get a sense of what your career has been like so far.

Resume Content
Gregory Michaelson
5819 Treetop Lane Orlando, FL 11111
Seasoned claims adjuster with proven successful results. Skilled in investigating many different types of insurance claims. Ability to work with people and all situations. Deep knowledge of how auto accidents work and what causes them. Interested in working as an insurance claims adjuster.
Background with tough and hard-to-solve claims
Knowledge of investigative report writing
Skilled as a case manager
Updated with latest insurance compliance knowledge
Ability to interpret policies
Able to identify instances to improve risk management
Extensive experience dealing with customers
Top skills identifying possible fraud issues
Strong background in accident investigation
Skills with data and numerical quantities
Excellent communicator
Organized and effective at keeping materials together
Trustworthy and honest
Commitment to excellence
Insurance Claims Adjuster
10/1/2001 ? 11/1/2009
Discovery Insurance ? Orlando, FL
Investigated and completed over 10,000 insurance claims.
Recognized for efficient and timely claim processing speed.
Managed claims cases following a systematic approach.
Analyzed accident or disaster scenarios using best practices.
Communicated with customers regarding next steps and findings.
Created write ups of all findings.

Insurance Claims Adjuster
11/1/2009 ? Present
Reactive Insurance ? Orlando, FL
Found instances of criminal neglect or insurance fraud, avoiding company liability.
Worked in the field, visiting various locations of accidents or catastrophes.
Conducted in-person interviews to get answers to specific questions.
Followed up with proper paperwork detailing information and findings.
Calculated accident causes, costs and possible resolutions.
Utilized technology to get closer access to various accident locations.
Helped limit company investment into field travel by 21%.

Bachelor of Science in Economics
University of Florida, Tallahassee, FL