Free Traditional Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Template

Getting your job application quickly processed and moved along to the next step can be a challenge when working in the insurance industry. When you have applied for an insurance claims adjuster position with one of the top companies that deliver service across the country, use a traditional style for your resume. This effective way to design your resume can deliver fast results in your job hunt. Additionally, you can easily and clearly detail your talents with this style. Here is how you can start getting your resume ready for presentation.

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What to Include in a Traditional Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume

Those who are lucky enough to get hired by industry leaders in the insurance company may get a higher salary and more benefits. Sticking with the traditional style for your resume can help you show off your top skills and qualities. Companies that are looking to recruit can get a quick overview of whether or not you are the right person for the job. Many times, you may have to go through a human resources department. Make it easier for the hiring staff to see how well prepared you are for the job with sections listing your highlights, experience and education. Then, you may be able to get a job offer for an insurance claims adjuster.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Improperly Formatted: Even with a traditional resume, you may still need to send it electronically. Stick with the basic Microsoft Word format to make it easier for the hiring manager.
  • Too Much Information: You don’t need to include every single work experience you’ve ever had. Part-time jobs and other irrelevant work can be taken out of your resume.
  • Not Enough of a Narrow Focus: Your resume is a chance to show why you’re perfect for that one job. Include specific details that address job posting responsibilities.
  • Missing Any Keywords: Large organizations are more likely to utilize resume searching software that analyzes your document for keywords. Don’t forget to read over the job posting again to find these industry specific keywords and put them into your resume.

Resume Content
Henry Sun
9595 Wooden Solider Drive Columbia, MD 11111
Experienced claims adjuster with top investigative skills. Effective analysis of claims related to property, business or auto. Commitment to delivering quality customer service. Pride in demonstrating strong understanding of various accident scenarios. Looking for a position as an insurance claims adjuster in the auto insurance industry.
Experience handling complicated claims
Expertise with writing reports
Case management skills
Knowledge of auto insurance regulations
Understanding of policy limits and interpretations
Successful ability to increase risk management effectiveness
Trained in delivering quality customer service
Ability to find and identify instances of insurance fraud
Strength in discerning accident causes
Data analysis expertise
Strong written and verbal skills
Top attention to detail
Ability to keep sensitive material confidential
Hardworking and efficient
Insurance Claims Adjuster
8/1/2009 ? 8/1/2012
Countrywide Insurance ? Columbia, MD
Processed more than 5,000 auto insurance claims.
Awarded top claims adjuster rating three years in a row.
Discovered instances of fraud and helped insurance company recoup losses.
Investigated auto accident causes using a variety of resources and data.
Delivered outstanding and timely service to customers.
Prepared detailed accident reports after closure of investigation.

Insurance Claims Adjuster
8/1/2012 ? Present
Lizardco Insurance ? Columbia, MD
Worked to reduce liability by processing claims fairly and flagging suspicious activity.
Traveled to various locations to investigate catastrophic accidents.
Interviewed policy holders and other individuals associated with the claim during investigation.
Filed extensive paperwork regarding accident investigations.
Determined the cause of the accident, who was at fault and cost of repairs or replacement.
Worked with management to develop new risk management policies.
Developed new remote investigative techniques.
Reduced accident investigation costs and fees by 30%.

Bachelor of Science in Finance
University of Maryland, College Park, MD