Job Interviews: How Drawing a “Selfie” Can Help You Overcome Interview Fear!

CN_Marc_v1_eFear can play a huge role in job search. Whether it’s a job interview, networking, or simply asking for help, we become afraid. And that fear gets in the way of us being able to just be ourselves … and connect with others in a way that represents us best.

I’ve found this trick helpful for me when I come up against things I’m afraid of. I’m hoping at least some of you will find that this can help you get past the fear – or at least the heaviest part of it – in your next job interview!

Using “selfies” to help you with interview fear

The method that works for me is as follows (don’t worry about your drawing skills; I use stick figures):

  • Picture in your mind what it is that you are afraid of, i.e. sitting at the interview table, answering questions
  • Draw a series of pictures that lead you up to and sitting in the interview session
  • In each picture, show yourself smiling and energized
  • Label the pictures with words like “Feeling good!” “Enjoying the nice people!” “Doing well!”
  • Also add a picture of you walking out, head high, smiling & happy

Give the “selfies” some staying power

Now spend time each day before the interview looking at these pictures, along with practicing and other important job interview preparation steps, of course. There’s nothing more calming than being well prepared!

Picture yourself at each step along the way. Walking into the building. Waiting for the interview. Being interviewed by one or more people. Leaving the room with a warm handshake and smile. Leaving the building feeling much better than you ever imagined.

And every time you think about any of this, or even during the interview process itself, bring your hand-drawn selfie pictures into your mind.

Don’t worry if you feel fear or anxiety rising. That’s normal. Divert your brain each time by returning to one of the positive images you created. And remember to breathe in AND out!

Some final thoughts

I can’t guarantee this will help each and every one of you. I wish I could. But I can tell you it’s gotten me through some tough times.

Everyone is afraid to one extent or another. Especially at job interviews. It’s human. But you bring something unique with you that no one else does.

And if you can just let them see the real you, even if you feel a bit nervous, you’ll go far toward leaving a great impression. That’s the best anyone can do.

Good luck!

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