Free Entry Level Medical Sales Representative Resume Template

To make it to the interview stage in the hiring process, it is essential to have a first-rate resume. It should demonstrate your skills and illustrate why you are an ideal candidate for the position due to your experience and traits. Even if you have little to no job experience, you can still find ways to emphasize your skills and education to demonstrate your ability to do the job well. Our free entry level medical sales representative resume template and guide will help you to draft a resume that highlights your abilities.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Medical Sales Representative Resume

The most important components of an entry level medical sales representative resume include education, skills and work experience. If this is your first job, there are still ways to draw attention to your skills and other qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the position. Including internships, volunteer work and similar experience that directly relates to the job provides an additional way to illustrate your capabilities.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Over-Padding: When you first start out, it can be tempting to exaggerate or over-pad your resume to make yourself appear more experienced. Be honest about your skills, and let what experience and talent you do have stand out.
  • Being Apologetic: Although it might be tempting to apologize for any lack of experience, this can hurt you. It is better to focus on what you do have and remain positive.
  • Lack of Focus and Format: Your resume speaks volumes about you, so be sure that it is organized and focused and uses a format that is reader-friendly.
  • Errors: Your resume should be clean, use correct grammar and include no typos, misspellings or other errors. Have someone proofread it to ensure it is completely error-free.

Resume Content
Monica Krugger
9384 Lakewood Dr, Houston, TX 11111
Enthusiastic and passionate honors graduate of Rice University. Excellent knowledge of human biology and the effects of pharmaceuticals. Natural leadership abilities and a strong eye for detail. Personable, with superior written and verbal communication skills. Experience as an intern for a national pharmaceutical company. Looking for an opportunity to develop sales techniques and experience at an innovative pharmaceutical company.
Robust communication skills
Graduated summa cum laude
Team player
Excellent customer service skills
Strong work ethic
Willingness to learn
Passionate about the healthcare industry
Extroverted with a friendly personality
Proficient in Microsoft Office and PLM systems
Organized the fundraising drive for local charity and brought in more money than in the history of the event
6/1/2015 ? 8/1/2015
ADDI Pharmaceuticals ? Assisted sales representatives in communicating with clients about the latest products.
Answered phone calls and emails.
Supported team members with administrative tasks, such as filing and data entry.
Shadowed sales representatives on their rounds to local clients.
Contributed to the development of a PowerPoint presentation for attracting new clients.
Input data into company database, and drafted emails and monthly newsletters for clients and potential clients.

Fundraising Officer
9/1/2015 ? 6/1/2016
Healing Hands Charity ? Houston, TX
Organized charity fundraisers, including a 5K, raffle and gala dinner.
Increased gala ticket sales and donations by 150 percent, the largest amount in the history of the event.
Led team members and volunteers in developing relationships with the local businesses to enlist their help with events, including the raffle.
Coordinated with local government and law enforcement agencies for determining the route and safety measures for the 5K.
Managed database of volunteers and donors, and communicated with interested parties at regular intervals to promote events and request additional donations.
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
Rice University, Houston, TX
Honors: Summa Cum Laude