Announcer Resume Writing Tips

Breaking into a job as an announcer is not an easy feat. Landing the higher paying jobs usually comes after serving time in smaller stations. Competition is high in this industry as employment opportunities are declining as technology becomes more capable and increases productivity on the job. However, this change can be an advantage for those who can demonstrate more advanced computer and technology skills.

About Sample Announcer Resumes

In an industry such as becoming an announcer where jobs and opportunities to advance are scarce, the resume takes on an increased importance when applying for coveted positions. Mistakes or oversight in presentation can mean the difference between having the resume read or discarded without interest literally killing a career trajectory. The only way to guarantee the right content, presentation and style is conveyed effectively in the resume is to look up some sample announcer resumes online and use one of them as a template to style the resume after.

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How to Write an Announcer Resume

Referring to a few different resume sample styles will allow the applicant to get an instinctive feeling for how to present the resume and what information to include. Those that advance within the announcing profession have usually specialized and hosted their own program on a regular basis. Proven college qualifications are usually a requirement especially if looking for employment with the networks. Also, make clear reference to practical work experience gained in the announcing industry.

Resumes are also an opportunity to highlight other skills. Technical savvy and computer knowledge is almost a prerequisite and will give a definite advantage to the applicant. Expressing personality is also important, as networks need announcers that can attract and retain an audience. Skills such as vocal ability, clear concise speech and writing ability rate high on the list of information to include as these skills are vital to good announcing. Specific niche knowledge is also important as both large and smaller networks are specializing in a bid to gain ratings.

Announcer Job Description

The main job of an announcer is announcing programs either on the radio or on television. This includes commercials, public service announcements, opening and closing programs and news. Often the material is ad-libbed with live shows, however when a script is needed the announcer will write and research the script themselves. Very often announcers are celebrities and may make celebrity appearances as part of their job. Operating equipment may also be an announcer’s job in a smaller station. Radio announcers may double as a disc jockey and be responsible for playing the music on the radio.

Announcer Salary

Jobs at small stations usually have low pay, but offer the best opportunities for inexperienced announcers come from television jobs compared to radio. The average hourly wage according to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $12.95. Public announcers earned slightly more at $13.18 with top end announcers earning more than $33.58. As with other jobs in the arts, income can be supplemented with second incomes from other employment. A small percentage of announcers freelance as disc jockeys for events however demand is not so high and therefore self-employment can be a struggle.

Despite the decline in opportunities within the industry, a bright spark of hope can be found in the birth of hybrid digital radio (HD) which offers greater numbers of channels and possibilities for further radio personalities. As long as the public desires to be entertained through television and radio there will always be some room in the industry for growth and new celebrity personalities.

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