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In a hospital environment, high turnover is a good thing. You want your patients admitted, healthy, and discharged as soon as possible to free up beds for the next crop of people in need of medical care. When it comes to your job search, however, instability and high turnover can be a significant threat to your career goals. One way to mitigate that threat is by creating an effective resume that boosts your profile as an eligible candidate with the skills needed to thrive in a stable, long-term role committed to the future of a healthcare organization. Craft your document by referencing the example in our admissions director resume sample and taking advantage of our resume builder tool. Both will teach you the best practices needed to breathe life into your tired, ineffective resume.

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Jennifer Jordan

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Managed and directed hospital admissions as admissions director and supervisor to staff of about 15 clerical and administrative workers. Extensive knowledge of Federal and state regulations for administrative care of patients. Experienced in necessary computer programs, telephone switchboard equipment and other standard applications and machinations of hospital admissions environments.

Core Qualifications

  • Highly professional
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Strong communicator
  • Medicare and Medicaid knowledgeable
  • Expeditious in emergencies
  • 90 wpm accurate typing


Admissions Director, January 2009-April 2015
New Cityland Regional Medical Center – New Cityland, CA

  • Provided hands-on patient admissions and directed other admissions personnel through standard processes and documents completion.
  • Maintained bed availability counts and provided facility updates to appropriate personnel.
  • Ensured consistent workflow toward optimum patient service.
  • Drafted and designed communications documents and materials, including press releases, one-sheet guides, patient forms, brochures and informational collations.
  • Visited key referral sources to maintain relationships and developed growing network of referrers.
  • Reported upon counts of admitted patients, discharges and other dispositions.
  • Developed demographic and other analytical insights for hospital marketing and departmental use toward more effective patient service, hospital referral source engagement and other activities.
  • Provided bilingual services in situations of necessity and for translation of documents and physician instructions.


2008 Bachelor of Science, Hospital Administration
University of California – New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good Admissions Director Resume Sample?

Our admissions director resume sample follows resume best practices by breaking down experience and skills into a compelling summary, searchable keywords, a dynamically written work history, and supplemental education and credentials. Compartmentalizing this way allows readers to spend as little time as possible skimming to absorb maximum information before a deeper read.

We also integrate proven practices into the resume summary to create the profile of a candidate with extensive skills and a strong supporting foundation in transferable capabilities. The summary in the admissions director resume sample utilizes a high writing level that focuses on team leadership, federal and state regulations, and admissions program management as the core concerns impacting a strategic leader in hospital admissions management.

The keywords section is an excellent opportunity to cherry-pick additional skills to include in your resume. These skills improve your match percentages on target jobs and are usually comprised of industry keywords and phrases taken from target jobs. Our sample resume calls out essentials such as Medicare and Medicaid knowledge paired with unique skills like bilingual fluency in English and Spanish. When so many candidates can look the same on paper, detailing those sorts of extra capabilities can tip the scales in your favor.

With a single role spanning six years, the candidate’s job history in the admissions director resume sample offers holistic insight into the entirety of the jobseeker’s career and accomplishments. It’s a good idea to try to wrap each job up in a tidy package that delivers only the information necessary to gain employer interest without weighing the content down in irrelevant, unnecessary details.

In the healthcare sector, employers are much more likely to place deeper emphasis on your education. List any higher-level degrees, particularly those that match with the education level requested in your target job. Don’t skimp on the certifications, but trim the list only to the most recent and most relevant.

Why You Need a Strong Admissions Director Resume

A solid resume is as good as a trophy when it comes to advertising your leadership achievements. Once you’ve reached the level of director in your career, it’s pivotal to have a resume that reflects your level of seniority and discusses your expertise in advanced language and terms. The decisions you make in your role as admissions director can impact the entire health system’s ability to manage effective patient intake and treatment. For your resume to be effective, it needs to convey the gravity of your role and the impact of your decisions, strategies, and programs.

That’s why we recommend a resume crafted using the foundational principles demonstrated in our admissions director resume sample. This sample profiles a candidate just like you and should give you the inspiration you need to begin quantifying and detailing the accomplishments that make you a standout candidate.

Costly Admissions Director Resume Mistakes To Avoid

At one point, it was common to include a photo, date of birth, marital status, children, and hobbies in your resume. Now, those practices have almost disappeared, and for good reason. While you might still receive a request for personal details and a photo when applying for a job with a European company, in the United States, it’s actually frowned upon to overshare. Employers are only interested in how well you can do the job. If the information on your resume isn’t related to that, then it’s just taking up valuable space on the page. Our admissions director resume sample already focuses on making the best use of page real estate without overwhelming hiring managers.

Unless you’re explicitly applying for a politically affiliated organization, it’s also wise to keep your political leanings and activities to yourself. It’s less a matter of choosing sides and more understanding that politics is a touchy subject with no place in the workplace. If you wouldn’t bring it up in the workplace, then don’t bring it up in your resume.


The role of admissions director is as complex and multifaceted as the workings of a healthcare organization, but building your resume doesn’t have to be. Let us simplify the process by giving you the only tool you need in your resume-writing process. Try our admissions director resume sample and nurse your career back to health.